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Shocking Movies: Part 1

Our most extreme horrors.
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Shocking Movies: Part 1 - Our most extreme horrors.

When asked to make a list of the most extreme movies, and after days of debate, we came to the conclusion we couldn't. What is extreme to one person may have no effect on the next and, based on some of the search terms that bring people to this site, what repulses someone can give someone else their kicks (we can see what you are searching the web ... Click to read more "Shocking Movies: Part 1"

Video Nasties - The "Don't" Movies

Doing what they say don't do.
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Don't do it!

During The Golden Age of the slasher, a common publicity ploy was to tell the audience not to do something then portray people doing that which they had been advised against in the film. The ploy worked and therefore numerous horror movies adopted the same technique with varying degrees of relevance, spanning pertinent through vague to completely i... Click to read more "Video Nasties - The "Don't" Movies"

The Deterioration of Freddy Krueger

From Anti-Hero to Comedy Zero.
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A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Deterioration of Freddy Krueger

Frederick Charles Krueger (Freddy to his friends) is one of horror's most recognised villains from his humble beginnings in 1984 through the decades since. What has he become? Has his celebrity status gone to his head? Has he forgotten his beginnings and strayed from the path of scaring teens to try and pursue a career on the comedy circuit? Is he ... Click to read more "The Deterioration of Freddy Krueger"

Guinea Pig (Za Ginipiggu)

The Guinea Pig Series - Extreme Japanese Horror.
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The Guinea Pig Series

The Guinea Pig movies have created their fair share of controversy for a series of short movies including allegedly inspiring serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki to re-enact a scene, allegedly convincing Charlie Sheen that he was viewing a genuine snuff film and numerous genuine federal investigations against claims of authenticity in the crimes portray... Click to read more "Guinea Pig (Za Ginipiggu)"

British Horror Movies

A selection of our favorite British Horrors.
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British Horror Movies

The UK horror scene has had a resurgence in popularity in the recent years after a prolonged nap time after the death of Hammer Horror, with some quality horror making an appearance in the last couple of decades. Many of the UK's progressive horror directors are unafraid to put a new twist on age old horror themes and often add a little bit of the ... Click to read more "British Horror Movies"

Christmas Slashers

A Selection of Slashers for the Festive Season.
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Christmas Horror Movies

It's nearly that time of year again when the population's jolliness levels increase dramatically and the Christmas movie selection becomes a ditch of heart-warming and emotionally touching pap. Well not at Horror Extreme. Here we prefer the jolly sound of a Santa armed to the teeth and flaying his victims. So for any like-minded horror aficionados ... Click to read more "Christmas Slashers"

Extreme Horror Thru the Ages: 1980's

Horror Extreme's look at Horror Movies in the 1980s.
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Horror movies in the 1980s

The 1980's was the decade of horror sequels and video nasties. The 1980's saw a boom in slasher flicks with loads of sequels and movies such as Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street spawned numerous sequels that defined the standard slasher template that would influence slashers in the following decades and probably will for year... Click to read more "Extreme Horror Thru the Ages: 1980's"

Extreme Video Nasties: Movies 6 to 10 - Cannibals

Our Countdown of Movies "Unfit for Domestic Viewing" - Best Cannibal Movies.
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Horror Extreme - Top Cannibal Video Nasties

Next in our countdown of "movies unfit for domestic viewing" we are going to focus on our top cannibal movies banned in the UK by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the early 1980's. A genre popular with Italian directors, the cannibal movies on the DPP Video Nasty list are among some of the most extreme movies banned as part of the Video... Click to read more "Extreme Video Nasties: Movies 6 to 10 - Cannibals"