Guinea Pig 6: Devil Doctor Woman (Pîtâ no akuma no joi-san) (1986)

Sick chick (with dick).
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Guinea Pig 6: Devil Doctor Woman

Guinea Pig 6: Devil Doctor Woman (Ginî piggu 6: Pîtâ no akuma no joi-san) is by far the most asinine entry in the Guinea Pig franchise and a prime example of how a basic premise can be mutated beyond all recognition once the notoriety of a snuff and gore series runs out of creative ways to provide an hours worth of torture for their sick fan base. Running with the basic principle of packing as much shocks and gore into a short space of time as Japanesely possible, Devil Doctor Woman massively ups the body count in this absurd mockumentary and throws in a dicked chick and slapstick comedy which even extends to the gore equivalent of a custard pie fight. The basis of the shockfest is a number of politically incorrect medical experiments on some innocents with bizarre ailments, all carried out under the expert medical supervision of the sadistic Devil Doctor Woman played by Japan's favourite transvestite Shinnosuke Ikehata AKA Peter (Yes, you read that right). Despite sounding like a potentially gruesome anguish, torment, blood and brains bonanza the sketches that make up this peculiar faux documentary are so absurd and executed in such a slapstick style that there is no chance that any viewer would lose any sleep over the maniacal happenings.

After the initial and bewildering blood geyser erupting from a doll due to our doctor's scalpel skills (an ideal pre-credits scene) the viewer is thrown headlong into a number of the experiments performed by the unlicensed doctor transvestite currently terrorising Japan.

First up is the scientifically robust investigation into the rare genetic disorder "congenital brain explosion disease", an unfortunate affliction that causes the carrier of the bad gene to experience a Scanners style head explosion when upset. The afflicted family of four plus baby are tested for symptoms of the illness by being bombarded with a barrage of hurtful insults through a loudspeaker by our psychotic physician. Not surprisingly four out of the five are afflicted... and don't expect political correctness to save the baby. Next up is "hereditary heart blast disease" wherein any shocks send the heart the same way as the brain in the previous experiment, a disease easily diagnosed with a quick sharp shock.

Next our schlong wielding doctor woman investigates "Jekyll and Hyde Disease" where the distraught victim of this rare disease has two conflicting personalities that like to fight each other. After some therapy involving cutlery through the hand and a knife in the leg our victim goes on to be a successful sideshow.

The movie carries on with cumulative levels of silliness as the experiments become more and more unbelievable with ailments such as the "human face whitlow", a condition easily cured by singing lessons, the "sweating blood" affliction investigated in a sauna and experiments involving "zombie love" and a banquet of body parts. If this doesn't yet fall in to the arena of violent slapstick humour enough then some animal cruelty, terrorising gut piles, living tattoos and a talking fudge dragon (minus Christmas songs) are bound to make you wonder why the fuck you are watching this... and if this still isn't enough then it all ends in a violent Laurel and Hardy pie fight where the secret ingredient is nails.

The special effects in this Guinea Pig instalment are extremely poor and this has marked detrimental effects of the "eww" factor. The previous Guinea Pig films made good use of the gore tools at hand and it was obvious that some effort had been applied to at least try and be realistic within the realms of what was happening on the screen. Plastic looking severed heads and joke shop insects fail to deliver any nausea whereas bendy nails to the face just look lame even in a slapstick context.

It is hard to summarise comparatively coherent thoughts on Devil Doctor Woman as this is such a divergence from the rest of the series despite the reoccurring theme of ultra-violence simply for the sake of it and the slapstick humour that has already reared its ugly head in He Never Dies. The first two Guinea Pig movies leave you with that dirty feeling while the others leave you with a feeling of "am I weird to have sat through that", Devil Doctor Woman leaves you with a feeling of utter confusion as to why this was committed to film and what would motivate someone to combine such a mismatch of scenes in the same 52 minutes just to expose the sadisticness of a lady-boy unlicensed doctor. If this sounds like it may float your boat and that you have always wondered how the Japanese would make a Henenlotter and Troma inspired piece of ultra-violent crap then go for it otherwise I would only recommend this to the devout Guinea Pig completionists. Definitely an experience as the absurdity needs to be seen to be believed but not really a movie in the strictest sense of the word.
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