Reincarnation (Rinne) (2005)

Death is only the beginning.
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Reincarnation - Death is only the beginning

Reincarnation (Rinne) is a chilling J-Horror from Takashi Shimizu (director of Ju-On: The Grudge, Ju-On 2 and Marebito) and once again he does not let us down. Reincarnation is a typical supernatural J-Horror but that is far from a criticism, this movie is directed in a way that creeps you out rather than shock you with gore, the tension and mystery is maintained throughout with a crescendo involving masses of death, zombies and demonic dolls.

Over forty years after a mass murder at a hotel, where a man killed his wife son and young daughter and then went on a rampage killing anyone he met, a movie director decides to recreate the infamous slaughter for the big screen. The actress, Nagisa, chosen to play the role of the murdered little girl soon begins to have strange visions of a small girl with an ugly doll and experiences lucid dreams as if she was at the scene of the massacre. As the pre-production of the movie progresses she begins to have these out of body experiences whilst awake witnessing the murders from 35 years ago as if she was there.

Nagisa is not the only person reliving these violent occurrences, another girl claims that she is the reincarnation of one of the victims and that she remembers being murdered in a previous life, haunted by the ghosts of the other victims it is not long before she is dragged into the afterlife.

It turns out that the butchery was not a motiveless and mindless mass execution but was part of an experiment. The father turned maniac was obsessed with reincarnation and believed that he had discovered the secret to the afterlife but he had to prove his theory by sending people there and, like any good scientist, he recorded his crimes on a camcorder. Nagisa finds this camera in her bed after one of her murderous nightmares and gives it to her agent.

Obviously spooked by the whole experience, Nagisa is reluctant to carry on playing the role, especially when the director announces that the cast must visit the original hotel to get their creative juices flowing. Not wanting to jeopardise her shot at stardom Nagisa grudgingly agrees to visit the scene of the bloodbath. This is when Nagisa's reality disappears and she is forced to suffer the whole incident, as the story unfolds in front of her agent's eyes on the unseen footage, the dead come back to life to re-enact their part with Nagisa. This is where we discover Nagisa has been incorrectly cast in the remake and the plot twists and turns to bring us to a truly spine-chilling climax.

As is typical with a number of Asian horror movies, Reincarnation is quite slow to start with only the occasional horror scene, all the while maintaining an eeriness which comes escalates to a bloodcurdling half hour at the end. The plot cleverly leads you to believe that you have figured out what is going on and then twists and then twists again and just when you have worked it out that ugly little doll scares the pants of off you!
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