Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai) (2007)

Beauty cannot last but death is forever.
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Sick Nurses - Beauty cannot last but death is forever

If you were ever intrigued to witness what it would look like to see a sexy nurse who has had the bottom of her face fall off due to forceful feeding of scalpel blades finally being finished off by choking on a dead baby, then you need to see Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai). Directors Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat deliver an original chunkette of Thai horror that takes itself far from seriously with obviously deliberate sleaze but still manages to be innovative not just within horror but within movies full-stop.

The first noticeable plus point is that the movie knows exactly what it is and doesn't try and be anything else, it's a typical supernatural Asian horror with a bountiful sleaze injection and a high dosage of gore. Secondly, and innovatively, the majority of the 91 minutes of film time takes place in 20 minutes of the sexy nurses' life from different perspectives, and it works really well, with the story building up Memento style so the characters motivations are not realized until near the end. Thirdly the kills are creative and splattery utilizing a common slasher concept of killing each bitchy nurse by an overdose of her own vices, a concept which is exploited well. Fourthly but not finally there is a bizarre twist, not a brilliant twist but a twist nonetheless.

Usually a horror movie will rely on just one concept and possibly a twist but Sick Nurses manages to encapsulate a multitude without any of them feeling crow-barred into the plot. There are moments of absurdity, but the whole tongue-in-cheekiness allows this. Unfortunately there is some lame CGI when hosepipe and ketchup would have been adequate, plus we get another black haired ghost but can assume this is homage to J-Horror.

In a dilapidated hospital in Bangkok, Dr. Tar and seven female nurses have a lucrative business selling organs on the black market. The ingratiating young doctor encourages the Bangkok nurses to bang cock using his charms and exploiting each of the obsessive ladies various vices. Tahwaan is determined to marry Dr Sleaze-Ball but when she discovers his philandering ways she threatens to expose the organ racket unless she gets a ring on her finger and a stroll down the aisle. Instead of the ludicrous wedding dress she hopes for she get a sharp implement to the intestines from none other than her colleague and sister Nook whilst being held down by the rest of the scantily clad nurses.

Hell-bent on post-death revenge the rancorous and blackened spirit of Tahwaan returns to the hospital to exact her custom brand of ironic retribution on the naughty nurses, but due to the tight schedule of the afterlife all vengeance must be carried out before midnight... and it's almost twelve now! Tahwaan uses this brief time period in an efficient multi-tasking manner that only females can achieve and dishes of frosty dishes of revenge based on the materialistic, vain and self-obsessed vices of the murderous nurses hoping to remove all the competition from her own obsessive wedding plans.

With any luck someone will survive until midnight and 13 o'clock won't become and issue for Dr. Tar and his heterosexual ways and he and Nook can live happily ever after with out having to experience the pain of birthing a fully grown homosexual man with an unrequited love for said doctor. With any luck...

As is becoming common in horror movies the set it beautifully lit in vibrant red, greens, blues and oranges which is nice but has ceased to be original since Argento innovated the idea back in the day. This concept along with a few other concepts and scenes seem to be ripped off from a number of horror sources (the rebirth seems very similar to the end of Gozu and there's a Bruce Campbell style hand possession) but this does not detract from the fact that this is a highly enjoyable and comically executed gorefest with a number of shock-and-cringeworthy scenes plus some good jumps. The acting is suitably over-emphasized for the outlandish players in the plot and as the majority of the cast consists of sexy nurses I can't complain. Each death is creative and involves the correct witnesses to share their revulsion with the viewers. A refreshing Thai horror, Sick Nurses aims to entertain lovers of the genre and it does exactly that with supreme efficiency!
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