Tokyo Gore Police (Tôkyô zankoku keisatsu) (2008)

Tokyo is burning.
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Tokyo Gore Police - Tokyo is Burning

If the need arose to compare Tokyo Gore Police to another Japanese movie then Stacy springs to mind although the gore levels are far more outrageous and, unbelievably, Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies has a more composed storyline. If the need arose to compare Tokyo Gore Police with anything in horror then it is creeping towards a Troma flick dappled with Bad Taste and injected with a shot of Kill Bill although the particular slice of Japanese craziness in the comparing slot has much more calculated humour rather than just being ridiculous. Having had a little exposure to Manga anime, Tokyo Gore Police is as close to live action Manga as an over-excited thrust is to upsetting your wife's sense of decency. The gore levels are excessive and the splatter victims contain enough blood to drown enough puppies to put the animal cops into early retirement. The overall tone of the movie is quite dark and gothic depicting a futuristic world where the police force has been privatized and a new race of criminal "engineers" are making the already corrupt society an even more precarious environment in which to exist. This darkness is interjected with comedic and satirical advertisements courtesy of Noboru Iguchi and Yudai Yamaguchi (Machine Girl and Meatball Machine respectively), which breaks up the gloom but also adds to it as a reflection of the society in which our troubled heroine lives.

A nutty professor known only as Key Man has created a diabolical virus that transmutes its victims into mutants known as Engineers who suddenly possess the capacity to grow vicious and fantastical weapons from their wounds. The bigger the headache the bigger the pill has been replaced with the deeper the lesion the more deadly the weapon growth. The Tokyo Police force has been privatized and an elite task force of Engineer Hunters has been created to deal with this most severe threat. The Engineer Hunters are not your average police handing out parking tickets and disbanding groups of loitering teens but a merciless, quasi-military team of sadists who take great pleasure in dismembering the enemy and watching them spurt vermillion fountains.

Ruka (Eihi Shiina) is one such Engineer Hunter and, despite her life traumas and her fondness of self harming, she is highly proficient at disposing of the mutant underworld. Driven by the murder of her parking-ticket-distributing-teen-disbanding policeman father at the hands of an unknown assassin, Ruka is soon given the task of hunting Key Man who it turns out also has a vengeance-for-father motivation himself. As Ruka begins to realize that she and Key Man have a similar objective the plot thickens and her journey into criminal gangland gets much more complicated than expected when she first embarked on this retribution operation.

As previously stated, Tokyo Gore Police is excessively blood-filled and violent but in a comic book way rather than in the disturbing manner in which Guinea Pig 2 approaches disproportionate gore. Eihi Shiina is the perfect heroine with her emotionless and fearless approach to disposing of the criminal underworld, her stern and collected demeanor impeccably offsets the comic ludicrousness to create a very darkly humorous yet somehow menacing undertone with this overstated plot. Tokyo Gore Police is definitely a masterpiece underneath a blatant exaggeration and deserves its place in the cult classic hall of fame as voted for by the more twisted members of society.
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