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Ignorantly I have passed up many an opportunity to take a look at horror movie shorts as I never believed that they could encompass enough horror to get me foaming at the eyes. HOW STOOPID WAS I?

I recently (and belatedly) decided that I could spare 3 minutes out of my heavy schedule of intensive sofa stress testing and individually reviewing every bottle of Kopparberg that I drink. So I watched Bedfellows and was amazed at how much “cool” can be achieved in a few minutes.

Firstly, and probably most importantly in a horror film, Bedfellows definitely sent a frostiness from my lower lumbar to the top of my thoracic.  I was genuinely dumbfounded at how much story and tension could be injected into such a small space of time and the fellow in the bed really freaked the faecal fallow flapjacks out of me. It was all of the coolness of a quality independent movie crammed into a space smaller than Hank Hill’s urethra.

The talent behind Bedfellows is director Drew Daywalt of Fewdio fame and I will definitely be checking out some more from and more horror shorts.

Due to my tardiness there’s only two days left to vote for Bedfellows as the top chiller in the ‘Halloween Horror Nights-Chiller Scary Good Film Competition‘ so go and watch some movies and vote.