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Another horror short that recently jumped out of my monitor, grabbed my attention and made it smoke a thought-provokingly-enhanced tobacco stick was Surprise! from the limey and hick duo Mike and Ike.

Surprise! is a six minutes of fuckedupness from the perspective of a floor based and accidentally left on camcorder watching a distraught female having an personal moment with that which is behind the door. What is behind the door sounds like a conventional undead or a chronic meat-beater trying to knock out the fifth one of the day but, as the film progresses, suspicions are introduced via the choice of blood splattered clothing that the woman is wearing.

Once again I was amazed that six minutes could leave me in the thoughtful silence sometimes an intense horror movie can inspire (although it was a short silence because it was a short movie). Possibly due to the aforementioned happy-stick, I didn’t get the surprise that I was expecting, it wasn’t the kind of surprise that you get when a Chinese businessman jumps out of a bush and tries to sell you supplies, it was more of a thoughtful surprise that sneaks up on you after the movie finishes and you realise that subliminal messages on the right of the screen made your malleable mind jump to conclusions too early on… or I’ve totally jumped to a conclusion that involves a greater amount of wrong.

Another whole story captured in a few minutes that has inspired me to investigate further the short horror movie scene that I’ve ignorantly ignored.