Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders

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Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders is a British independent horror comedy from CM Films with the objective of flipping the whole UK horror short scene on it head, and that is what it will certainly do. Armed with a small crew of very memorable characters, some funky filming techniques, innovative and colorful lighting and a well tuned soundtrack it’s difficult to find something bad to say.

Mark Macready (also producer and writer Ryan McDermott) is the male Mancunian Buffy Summers of the force policing the demon infestation currently terrorizing the area. With less charm and more wit than the Hitman in Sin City and an eyebrow more talented than Roger Moore’s eyebrow when it was cast as the eyebrow of James Bond, Mark Macready AKA The Midnight Warrior is the most unfuckwithable butt-kicker of the supernatural North of Watford Gap.

On the trail of a shape shifting psycho-sexual incubus with a penchant of stealing the heart of women via the lady love tunnel, it gets personal for Mr Macready when his picturesque wife Christina (Charlotte Fellows) goes missing, with all fingers pointing to the Archangel as the kidnapper. The reckless and wild Macready and his crew, with the help of the demonic informant Friday, arm themselves and prepare to release some “Ya Bastards” on the supernatural underworld.

Impeded by higher authorities taking umbrage at his zealous irresponsibleness but determined to save his wife and the city, Macready is unwavering on his mission but will his natural demon awareness protect him from the shape-shiftyness of The Archangel?

The production and direction of The Archangel Murders is reminiscent of a number of recent Neo-noir comic book movie adaptations and manages to capture the atmosphere in a graceful manner and then manages to add a layer of parody over the top without damaging that vibe. The visuals throughout are more stunning than deep-throating a cattle-prod in a puddle, with some exquisite coloring reminiscent of Argento’s creative era and considering the low-budget a lot has been achieved effectwise within the financial constrictions.

Hopefully this movie short will lead on to more opportunities for the cast and crew as they deserve some serious airtime. Check out the trailer below.

Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders: Trailer from CM Films on Vimeo.