The Duty of the Living

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It’s recently been brought to our attention by the lovely people at Panopticon Films about their upcoming zombie flick called The Duty of the Living. The movie has just ended its pre-production period and is due to drop on the festival scene in early 2010.

Starring Juan Riedinger (Hardwired, Jennifer’s Body, The Day the Earth Stood Still) and about a young soldier’s return home after leaving to go to war during a National Outbreak, it looks like one to watch out for. The trailer doesn’t give away too much but we will be watching out for it with bated breath! (and yes it is bated not baited… from the verb to bate, which has nothing to do with self pleasure… although we are quite excited!)

Check out the official website of The Duty of the Living for the latest news and more information on the cast and crew, and take a peek at the trailer below.

The Duty of Living – Official Trailer from Brandon Hunt on Vimeo.