Interview with Monique Dupree

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Tromette, Fango regular, pot zombie and singer. Monique Dupree has one of the most diverse C.V’s in cult cinema. She is a constant on the horror convention scene and the darling of ‘B’, indie and horror movies. Monique currently has at least a dozen projects waiting to be released, and is probably most well known for her roles in The Skeleton key 2, Pot Zombies and Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned. Not adverse to exposing her triple D ‘talents’ in the name of her ‘First black scream queen’ moniker, Monique also has the ability and the personality to back that title up.

Monique DupreeLips: I know this is something you must get asked lots, but how do you personally feel about the term “The first black scream queen” being used to describe you? Do you wish people would stop using it, or have you embraced it?
Monique: Well, I’ve had worse terms used to describe me, lol. But really, at this point, I try to focus on the work and let everything else sort itself out. I love what I do..and no matter the genre, acting is my passion.

Lips: You’re a very striking looking woman, do you find that works to your advantage when auditioning or against you?
Monique: Why thank you much :) I find it difficult to get the roles that I want unless I’m working with a director that’s already aware of my abilities and willing to put me in a role that no one else might think to. I get a lot of offers involving nudity or eye candy..things like that. But I work really hard to showcase my versatility in the acting realm and I’m finally starting to get more offers suited to challenge my abilities. I’m very blessed and thankful to have worked with the talented directors that saw something more in me than just a “face”.

Monique DupreeLips: I know that your first break was “Lean on me”, but what was your first foray in to horror movies?
Monique: My first appearance was actually in Pot Zombies. It was such a small part, but a large doorway into horror for me. Working with Lloyd Kaufman himself and really immersing myself in Troma (well, because they’re the best!) It opened so many doors for me in both acting and horror films.

Lips: Being that it is currently Women in horror month, do you feel that there are enough strong female role models in horror?
Monique: Yes, I do. It always comes down to personal opinion and what you FEEL a strong female role model IS in horror or anything else for that matter. But in horror as a whole, I’ve seen plenty of strong female role models and I expect that it’ll only get better with time.

Lips: As most fans of the genre would know and expect, there is all most always a little T&A in horror films, but do you feel that it is a required element to make a horror movie work?
Monique: First I have to say, I don’t frown upon T&A in ANYTHING at all. Having said that, I don’t think that there always HAS to be an element of it in order to make a horror film work. I don’t see where it hurts though, lol. My only critique with that is that sometimes its just too much. I like when some films give you a taste of T&A… to tease if you will.

Monique Dupree and Lloyd KaufmanLips: You’ve been involved with a few Troma titles, which haven’t been so warmly received as some of you other work. Do you feel they deserve the bashing they get? (The team here at Horror Extreme are big Troma fans).
Monique: Well, I’ll say this if I may: opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. I’ve heard some fans tell me how they LOVE Troma films and others that say they suck. Some reviews will be good and some won’t, but all in all, I try not to pay attention to any of it. It clouds the focus…

Lips: Pot zombies looked like a riot, how was it to film, and do you have any plans to work with Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma team again?
Monique: It really was a blast!!! Troma is like my family now. Any chance I get to team up with Lloyd and/or spread Troma’s message to keep independent film alive, I do. I’m teaming up with Brenna Lee Roth & Troma Entertainment to do a workout video called “Scream Your Ass Off” so watch out for it!

Lips: Would you be interested in acting in new wave exploitation/grindhouse films (Such as Death Proof, Planet Terror, Run bitch Run)?
Monique: Oh most assuredly. I’d jump at the chance for that! (hint, hint!)

Monique DupreeLips: What film projects are you currently working on?
Monique: I’m working on quite a few projects including a couple that I’m not allowed to talk about as of yet. I’m doing a film project in a couple of weeks called Avantgarde and the scream queen workout video called “Scream Your ass off” Other projects include: Plan 9 (remake of plan 9 from outer space), Haunting Kira, Love don’t love me, Reptilians and many more.

Lips: Is there anything else you would like to add or promote before we wrap up?
Monique: I’d just like to thank Horror Extreme for taking the time to chat with me a little. It was a pleasure.Anyone wanting more information about me, convention appearances etc. can check out these websites:

All photos used with kind permission of Monique Dupree