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We at Horror Extreme are always excited when some fresh meat makes its way in to the horror scene, so you can imagine how much we were salivating when the captivating talent and beauty of Miss Bianca Barnett was brought to the attention of our beady little eyes. Our interest was first aroused by the demented malevolence of Bianca’s performance as “Pig Bitch” in Albino Farm. A classic Scream Queen in the making with a presence on T.V, music videos and films, Bianca is sure to be an ever-present face in the horror community’s conscience

Bianca BarnettLips: How have you found the transition from model to actress? Has the film industry been welcoming?
Bianca: For me, modeling is fun, and I like having my hair and makeup done. I feel like after years of struggling, I have found my niche as an actress. Of course, I always want to keep working hard to get better at what I do. The independent film industry has been extremely welcoming! I love working with all kinds of people and I am grateful to have that opportunity.

Lips: Did you ever set out to be a Scream Queen? Or is it just because it was a genre of film you were interested in already?
Bianca: No, no, I still don’t consider myself a Scream Queen. Barbara Steele, Linnea Quigley, Jaime Lee Curtis, women like that deserve the title. I’m just an actress trying to leave my mark on the genre I grew up on. I love horror films; I grew up in the 80’s, which was a time rich in movie magic. I felt like I wanted to be a part of that world the fantasy world of being on set and actually acting, not the celebrity world of paparazzi, and that icky, shallow stuff.

Lips: How do you find juggling acting, modeling, and being a student? Don’t your identities get confused?
Bianca: Sometimes, but I always think of myself as ‘Bianca’, a normal person who is fortunate enough to pursue a dream. When I am going to school, I’m likely dressed like a hobo, not wanting any attention. I save all the glamour for photo shoots, movies, and signings. I never bring up acting, really, not even with my family. Ironically, my father just emailed me saying that his friend sent him an interview I did. I mean, how do I explain Pig Bitch to my parents? Ha ha!

Bianca Barnett as Pig Bitch in Albino FarmLips: Do you feel that some female horror actresses are a bit too precious about their looks when working in a horror film? I ask because you looked AMAZING as Pig Bitch in Albino farm and I don’t think it would have worked if she has only been mildly disfigured.
Bianca: I think most actors and actresses are concerned with how they are seen, and looking good on camera is a big part of that. I didn’t have a problem taking a risk and being transformed into something else. I saw it as an opportunity to create a dynamic and relatable character.

Lips: Do you feel that the more interesting and important horror films are the lower budget and independent ones much like the projects you have worked on? How do you feel about the horror films coming out of Hollywood at the moment?
Bianca: I am tired of rubbish remakes from Hollywood! I wish they would put their faith, and money, into something new and interesting. There is so much undiscovered talent out there, but I think the studios are afraid to take a risk. It’s all about being safe and making the most money possible. Hollywood needs a shot in the arm, or a kick in the balls.

Lips: Did you find acting from behind heavy prosthetics actually quite freeing? I would imagine that it helps to take you to another place mentally.
Bianca: It’s freeing in that you can become the character, but, I became worn down and extremely, physically ill after running around with that thing on my head for two weeks.

Bianca BarnettLips: You’re currently in the very early stages of what I am sure is going to be a long and fruitful career, do you have a particular role or character you are just dying to play?
Bianca: I hope that is true! I would love to be a badass action heroine in an homage to an exploitation-style flick.

Lips: You have an extremely high-profile online presence, is this down to your drive to get yourself out there, or grassroots support from friends and fans? How important is role of the internet in your success?
Bianca: I learned at an early age that I have a tendency to become obsessive, so I decided to channel that energy into something positive. For a long time, it was art, but when I became interested in acting, it took over. Honestly, I owe everything to the internet because I don’t think I’d be working in films if I didn’t use networking sites or my webpage.

Bianca BarnettLips: How do you feel about women in horror predominantly being associated with sex and boobs? Do you think that there is too much sexualisation in modern horror films? Or do you think it’s always been there and we’re just more aware of it now that we are in the digital age?
Bianca: No, it’s been there forever, sex and death go hand in hand when it comes to what people find titillating. I collect vintage erotica and some of it does have a macabre twist. In no way am I putting down others, but personally, I don’t want to rely on my physical assets alone. I hope that I can find a happy medium of roles that are sexy without being overly sexualized.

Lips: What projects are you currently working on? I noticed you’re working on a film called The Toy Box, could you tell us more about that?
Bianca: I have several films coming up and I am very excited about them all. The Toy Box is based on John Glatt’s Cries in the Desert, and portraying true crimes that happened. It will be a much more dramatic and serious role for me. I will also have the opportunity to be in a film called The Cthulu Key, which was inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft. I am really looking forward to it, as I am a longtime fan of his work. I wrote my high school thesis paper on the life and literary works of Lovecraft.

Also, I will be attending Texas Frightmare Weekend as a guest for the first time this year!

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