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Ry and PosterCo-writer, star, creator of the Macbrow and all round nice chap Ryan McDermott gives Horror Extreme to low down on the award winning horror-comedy short “Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders” before it’s official unleashing on the world this Saturday 19th June. We learn the past, the present and the future for Ryan, the crew and their creations plus are promised some coprophagia love at the launch party which will be streamed live over the internet if that is your kind of thing.

Steve: What were the inspirations for Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders? Are you a huge horror fan? What movies inspired you to make this film?
Ry: To be honest I’m not really a huge horror fan, I love the nature of the genre and the people, but I’m not an avid horror movie watcher. I personally love a good summer blockbuster; most of my favourite movies are flicks like Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones. But I do enjoy a good B-Movie. As filmmakers one of our favourite bad movies of all time is Death Wish 4: The Crackdown, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it with a pizza and a few beers. That particular film was responsible for so much when it comes to ‘The Archangel Murders’ from performances to shots that Sean Candon (Director) chose to homage. I’d say though that the overall inspirations for ‘Mark Macready’ were from various films and TV shows such as Hellboy, The X-Files and The Naked Gun trilogy. Paul Feeney (writer/creator of Mark Macready) and myself met in college way back in 2002 and Paul presented me with the concept for ‘Mark Macready’ which we actually filmed for our end of year project. Paul pitched it to me as ‘a British X-Files’ and that struck accord with me as I loved the show. The first script was fairly serious however once filming started I began to do a really poor man’s David Duchovny impression and so it soon became farcical and I guess the rest is history. From there it became the horror comedy parody that you’ll all see on June 19th.

Steve:How did you manage to make such an impressive movie with such a low budget? As well as a talented cast there is obviously a lot of talent behind the scenes and last time I checked these things don’t come cheap. Was everyone involved for the love of movies or are you up to your eyeballs in sexual favour debts?
She-SnakesRy:As you can probably guess my jaw is constantly locked and my privates kept on ice! Well we were very lucky to have the talent that worked on the film. Most actors and crew members turn up, do their job and then go home, they get a DVD in the post six months later and never see each-other again. But from day one as the producer I strove to ensure it was different, because everyone was their simply for the ‘love’ of making a film I wanted the cast and crew to become a family and it happened very quickly. It’s over twelve months later and we still socialize and support each-other, it’s a lovely thing to be part of. With regards to the film making an impression I think it was the determination and belief in the product. I made it a personal mission to ensure that the film was marketed to its fullest potential and in the last six months via twitter it’s become one of the most interactive films around. The great thing about the product is that there’s no catch, no gimmick, its genuine, we’re not asking for money, just support and I think people picked up on that, I think we made an impression through being honest, open and admitting this isn’t an Oscar winning film but its sure got brass balls and a ton of ambition.

Steve: The Archangel Murders seems to have taken the planet by storm since it was first reviewed, did you ever expect such a huge interest in your movie? Apart from the fact that it is a fantastic short, what else do you think has propelled Mark Macready into the limelight?
Ry: I never expected this much interest, not at all. I had personal goals for the film and I remember writing a list in early 2008 of the things I hoped the film would achieve, there was five things and all of them have happened from screenings in NYC to award wins. Back then it was a dream, we hoped people would be interested and now it’s become a reality, which to me proves that if you work hard you can achieve great things. I think what has propelled ‘Mark Macready’ has been the drive to put the product out there, the marketing hasn’t stopped for twelve months, it’s been relentless and the message has reached across the globe. Going back to what I said earlier I think using a tool like Twitter to engage with some of the most amazing people you could ever wish to meet has aided that awareness. Twitter brought a new lease of life to the project and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some people I’d actually call friends from simply 140 characters. However when all is said and done your marketing can only be as good as your product and I think that myself, Sean and Paul strove to ensure that the film was the best it could be on the smallest amount of money. We did reshoots we couldn’t afford simply to ensure it was the very best it could be and I think that people have picked up on that despite the limitations it’s a film with tons of heart, passion and drive.

Mac and She SnakesSteve: The movie will be unleashed on the public on June 19th 2010, how does this make you feel? Excited, nervous, horny, homicidal, something else or all of the above?
Ry: I think horny, defiantly horny and I guess a little sad too. It’s a very trouser raising experience to know that a film you’ve poured your heart and soul into is about to go off around the World Wide Web. It’s sad to know that this is the end of the journey for the film in its current form but it’s time to move on, I’m confident that now is the time to see the film out in style, the anticipation has reached fever pitch and if we delay it any longer people will lose interest. It’s time to let the chick fly the nest and I really do wish it all the luck in the world, it’s been a life changing project to be involved in. I guess I am slightly nervous about the Live Stream from the Interactive Launch Party, you’ll be able to see the cast & crew alongside some very special V.I.P guests partying to celebrate the release live with interactive questions from Twitter, I just hope nobody is sick on camera!

Steve: What plans do you have for the future with regards to the entertainment industry? Will there be a full length Macready feature or do you have something new up your sleeve… maybe a pop song or a breakfast cereal?
Ry: I hadn’t thought of a pop song, would you be interested in Macready sings the Christmas Hits album!? Next up is the ‘Mark Macready’ feature film, I read the first draft by Paul and its coming on so well, it’s a huge script, so epic and exciting. Whilst Paul is writing I’m busy working on financing and developing the interactivity that’s going to play a massive role in the production of the film. It’s going to be the most interactive feature film ever made, which is something I’m extremely excited about. I’m also currently overseeing production on the ‘Mark Macready’ Mac Poster 2010animated prequel movie, set before the events of the ‘The Archangel Murders’ and I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work with animation director Gavin Johnson on the project. Other than pop songs and cereal I’ve just started to turn my attention to a project for YouTube that I’ve been developing, it’s not ‘Mark Macready’ related but it’s something fresh and fun and I’m really excited about it, so I guess watch this space is what you say next!?

Pazuzu: If on the 19th you had to choose two other people to be human centipeded with or end up dead in a dumpster, who would they be and what position in the chain would they be in?
Ry: I’ve had to consult help on this question and I still don’t know the answer! I cannot decide who! I know, I know, I need to provide an answer but I honestly don’t have one. How about me, you and Lipstattoo do a human centipede?! Could be a kinky Horror Extreme special!?
Pazuzu: Deal! I will publish the photo’s here.

Steve: Any last words, shout outs or thanks and where can our readers find out more about Mark Macready?
Ry: I’d like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has supported the movie over the last twelve months, it’s been fantastic to meet so many brilliant people and I’d like to thank the very loyal and dedicated Mark Macready cast & crew for supporting the film. Finally a massive thanks to Horror Extreme for being a support since day one, it’s beyond appreciated!

I hope you all enjoy the film and be sure to watch our Live Stream party on June 19th we’ll be taking your questions in what is set to be an indie horror film first…selling it right up until the last minute!

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Can’t wait for the 19th June? Check out the trailer for Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders below ya bastards: