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Christa CampbellThe lovely Christa Campbell is a diverse actress having portrayed a wide variety of characters in various movie genres but she has her roots buried deeply in the horror genre. Christa took time out of her hectic schedule to speak our equally lovely Miss Lipstattoo about herself and her role as Milk Maiden in ‘2001 Maniacs’ and ‘2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams’, which is unleashed on the public this month.

Lips: How did it feel re visiting the role of Milk Maiden, did you feel more comfortable with the character? She seems to be far more twisted in 2001 Maniacs Field of screams.
Christa: Yes,shes definitely more twisted, I think the first film we introduce the characters, and in the 2nd they get to show the world who they really are.

Lips: She ( Milk Maiden ) really reveled in the first aid tent scene huh? It looked like a blast to film and it’s the most iconic kill in the movie I think.
Christa: It was a blast, Ogre and I sorta went into the scene with no expectations, and it was amazing where it took us, a lot of the scenes are like that in this movie, once they came off the page it was insane

Lips: 2001 Maniacs Field of Screams is a much more paired down production than the first film, did you feel that it helped keep the feel of the H G Lewis original alive?
Christa: Listen, if we had 10 million dollars to spend, we would have,we didn’t have much money, but we really wanted to get the film out there for us and for the die hard fans

Christa CampbellLips: Did you find it hard adapting to working with new actors in roles previously played by other people, Bill Moseley as Buckman and Ogre as Harper Alexander?
Christa: Actually on the first film it was an intense experience, it was my first movie ever, I was intimidated, this time it was so much fun! and we all really bonded this time around, I’ve made some friends I will have forever.

Lips: You had a great chemistry on screen with Ogre, like an incredibly messed up Bonnie & Clyde, how do you see that relationship developing in the (possible) third film?
Christa: Yes definitely, I think all the maniacs are messed up people, you don’t know who is screwing who, and in this film were all probably screwing each other, I hope in the  third film ogre and I can expand on our craziness.

Lips: Were you ever concerned about the route that Tim Sullivan took the Maniacs in regards to sexism, racism and the like? I’m sure there are some people that would take it the wrong way even though it obviously comes from a place of love and respect.
Christa: I trust Tim completely, he is amazing, and if i was to be offended then I shouldn’t be making this movie. I like pushing the limits, watch my movies you’ll see.

Lips: Many reviewers and fans have stated that they prefer the sequel to the first film, do you have any thoughts on why that would be? I personally think it’s down to the comedy level being cranked up and the fact it appears to be a labor of love. Genre fans love that!
Christa Campbell and the ManiacsChrista: I think it all comes down to a great script, we all knowing exactly who we are,and taking our characters to another level, and also the love and passion we have to make a great fun movie.

Lips: Are you hoping to carry on starring in horror pictures? Would you consider yourself a Scream Queen now?
Christa: I always say a scream queen is the victim… I’m never the victim… always the killer.

Lips: Who are your personal Scream Queen heroines?
Christa: I tend to love the strong kick-ass girls, the ones fighting the zombies, bring it on!!

Christa Campbell2001 Maniacs - Field of Screams

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