Quick Review: Day of the Dead

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Day of the Dead

George Romero’s third installment in the dead series is not only a masterpiece but its also very underrated.  I don’t understand why this is. The movie has all the classic Romero elements from the well-written memorable dialogue to the uncut violence to the exceptional characters. So lets dive into a classic blood soaked zombie horror flick that will entertain and scare you at the same time.

The movie is outstanding from the movie score to the zombie make up.  The first zombie you see in Day of the Dead is missing half their jaw and the tongue is hanging out the side of his mouth while he drools blood.  The effect is so realistic looking I can’t figure out how they did it.  Tom Savini does the make up effects in the movie. It’s some of his best work in my opinion. John Harrison does the score and it’s awesome. The score gives an 80’s feel to the movie. Is it as good as Goblin on Dawn of the Dead? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

The dialogue in this movie is fantastic, George never misses a beat. The movie is very quotable with such classic lines like “You’ve given us a mouth full of Greek salad.” And “Choke on them! Choke on them!”  The characters do a great job with the script.  A lot of people say there was too much overacting in the movie, I disagree. Twelve people taking refuge in a missile silo from a zombie takeover is going to make them very stressed out and on edge with each other. So there is a ton of yelling back and forth but to say it’s overacting is just wrong.

Howard Sherman plays the zombie Bub in the movie. Dr. Logan who is experimenting on the zombies trying to civilize them, studies Bub, who is his most prized specimen. The performance that Howard Sherman gives as Bud is legendary to horror fans. He plays him so well that by the end of the movie you want to stand up and cheer for his character.

So in conclusion, Day of the Dead is a horror classic and a worthy addition to the dead series. If you’re into zombie movies don’t pass this up. I promise you that you will be very pleased when it’s over. Another awesome George Romero film, the guy never disappoints his fans, and that’s what makes him great.