Abduct (2015)

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Abduct is a sci-fi horror movie from director Ilyas Kaduji starring Sienna Guillory, William B. Davis, Mhairi Calvey and more.


Crystal blacks out again and awakens to find Malvin dead. She flees in his truck down the highway, but a strange Man in
Black pursues her.

Panicking, Crystal calls the only person around who seems to know anything about the paranormal…the voice talking on the
radio Ridley Kay. At first, Ridley doesn’t believe her story, but she shows up on his doorstep with a Man in Black on her heels.
Ridley calls upon three of his friends for help; the rancher Zane, Alien abduction researcher Laura and the Cherokee scientist
White Path. The Man in Black taunts the men over the phone and warns them that helping Crystal will be a death sentence.
His name is Alistair Cruel.

Unfazed, the three men resolve to help Crystal, but strange occurrences harass them. Electronic gear malfunctions. Ridley
begins suffering night terrors. They lose whole blocks of time; their memories wiped of any activities that might have
occurred. Alistair Cruel enjoys tormenting them with his unexplainable abilities. He teases them that no one truly
understands the paranormal, nor can they fight it.

Finally, the Man in Black lures Crystal to a far-away cave, teasing her with the possibility of saving Malvin. The men pursue
Crystal determined to defeat Alistair Cruel. Whether he’s an alien, an entity or even a government agent, they don’t know…

…but they’re going to stake their lives to find out the Truth.






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