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Horror Extreme Exclusive: “Skeletons”

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After years of devoting our energy and Falcor to “comic” reviews, we decided we wanted to try something different.  In October of 2009 we bestowed upon the world Surprise, the first zombie film without any actual zombies in it.  We did it just to see if we could, and we were quite shocked by the reaction it got (As were the people who only knew us as stoner comic/critics).

That was just a glimpse of our dark side. It was also an incentive to try and hurt as many people as possible with our work… occasionally.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present… “SKELETONS”.

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Mike & Ike.

Interview with Mike & Ike

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Mike and IkeNearly everyone will have heard of Mike and Ike the chewy, fruit flavoured fat-free candies and most will have heard of Mike and Ike the budgies of so many hilarious YouTube videos. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that enough of you know about Mike and Ike the entertainment gurus for the neo-millennium and the officially acknowledged unofficial spokeswhores for Evil Dead-The Musical. Well you should as society would benefit from their fame! Here is why they hate budgies but can still tolerate candy.

Steve: Firstly by way of introducing yourselves can you let me know who’s not Mike, who’s not Ike, what do you do and why do you do it?
Mike: (English accent) Well, there are a lot of Mikes.
Ike: (Southern accent) There are a lotta Ikes.
Mike: There are even more not Mikes.
Ike: Ditto.
Mike: But we are the ONLY Mike & Ike.
Ike: Except for the candy.
Mike: (Short pause) We are the ONLY Mike & Ike that matter.
Ike: And what do we do?
Mike: We smoke an exceptional amount of pot, we watch an exceptional amount of entertainment, and, in the long term, we are building an all encompassing media empire. In the short tern, we are building an army of higher life forms that appreciate artistic genius and are tired of the continual short comings of overpaid, douche bags. And why do we do it?
Ike: Cause we’re stoned.

Steve: Apart from being the entertainment gurus for the neo-millennium, you are also officially acknowledged unofficial spokeswhores for Evil Dead-The Musical, what is your connection with said musical and what makes you two the spokeswhores?
Mike: We first heard about the show in 2006 before it came to Broadway.
Ike: We knew it had dancin’ zombies, we knew it had a song called “What the Fuck was That”, we knew we had ta see it.
Mike: You know, all this information is available in the archives at Mike & Ike at MySpace
Ike: But since we know you’re a lazy bastard like us, here are the bullet points:
Mike and IkeMike: We heard about the show, we started whoring it before we saw it. Because of our whoring, we got written and video interviewed with both the 2006 Broadway cast AND the 2007 Toronto cast. After that, we asked George Reinblatt, who wrote the book, lyrics, and a lot of the music, if we could give ourselves that illustrious title and he, being a fan, said yes.
Ike: Shameless self whorin': There was a production last year here in Ohio. Partially because of us, that became the longest running show in the the-ater’s history.
Mike: Definitely because of us, Mr. Reinblatt came down to Ohio to see the show, and loved it.
Ike: And THAT’S what makes us the officially acknowledged unofficial spokeswhores for Evil Dead-The Musical

Steve: You obviously have a great passion for as well as a great knowledge of some obscure areas of horror. What about the horror genre makes you foamy at the crotch and what horror movies have had the most impact on your state of mental unfitness?
Mike: Humor and horror have a lot in common. There is a set up, there is a punchline, and there is a physical response. The only real difference is the response.
Ike: And we like scarin’ people. We think it’s funny.
Mike: And as for horror films that have unfitted our mentality, here is a brief list: The Exorcist
Ike: George Romero’s Day of the Dead.
Mike: John Carpenter’s Halloween.
Ike: Anthony Spadaccini’s Head Case.
Mike: And Sleepless in Seattle.
Ike: Oh fuck, I forgot about that thing.
Mike: I didn’t.

The Real Mike & IkeSteve: Another of your passions seems to be the bountiful herb garden created by our Lord Satan to make us question the existence of God. How do the magical herbs available inspire and influence your quirky methods of film critique?
Mike: Two things: 1. When we’re stoned, it’s a lot easier to notice plot holes and the never ending stupidity of most Hollywood films.
Ike: And B. Half a Falcor and 20 minutes a writin’ and we had the script for Surprise which 15 people now have said scared them more than Paranormal Activity.
Mike: Pot makes you lazy, my ass. It makes you as lazy as you want to be.
Ike: And by the way, Satan did not bless us with pot. Paladine did.
Mike & Ike: (Together) Palido Calib.

Steve: What is in the pipeline for Mike and Ike with regards to world domination of the entertainment industry? What can we expect to have seen from you two in five years time?
Ike: Depends on when someone gives us money.
Mike: Or wider exposure.
Ike: I want the money. If I want exposure I’ll go to the library again.
Mike: Know this. We have a very detailed business plan. All we need is the exposure.
Ike: All we need is the money,
Mike: But until then, Series
Ike: Season
Mike: Two of our webseries will be premiering soon.
Ike: Which is a helluva lot different than season
Mike: Series
Ike: One. But we still got the same production values.
Mike: There is a reason our company is called Very Amateurish Productions. But no matter what we do, you can be sure of one thing. It will either be funny or it will make you want to shower afterward.
Ike: Or both.

Mike & Ike on YouTubeSteve: Tell me a bit more about how you plan to outsmart your main competitors in the near future to enable you to become for popular than the already cult status budgerigars and fruit flavoured candy?
Mike: We’ve already outsmarted our competitors.
Ike: No challenge there.
Mike: Again, we just need the right people to notice us.
Ike: And give us money.
Mike: Once we are noticed
Ike: And have money.
Mike: We’ll buy a LOT of pot.
Ike: A lotta shotguns.
Mike: To shoot the budgies
Ike: And a lotta fruit flavoured candy.
Mike: Because we will definitely have the munchies.

Steve: Would you punch a Koala while it slept?
Mike: Only if it was five years old. We DO have standards.
Ike: By the way, in addition ta the myspace page. Ya can find us on YouTube and on Twitter
Mike: And on the walls of several post offices.
Ike: So until they catch us
Mike & Ike: (Together) Namaste.

Still craving budgies and candy? Maybe these will change your mind:


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Another horror short that recently jumped out of my monitor, grabbed my attention and made it smoke a thought-provokingly-enhanced tobacco stick was Surprise! from the limey and hick duo Mike and Ike.

Surprise! is a six minutes of fuckedupness from the perspective of a floor based and accidentally left on camcorder watching a distraught female having an personal moment with that which is behind the door. What is behind the door sounds like a conventional undead or a chronic meat-beater trying to knock out the fifth one of the day but, as the film progresses, suspicions are introduced via the choice of blood splattered clothing that the woman is wearing.

Once again I was amazed that six minutes could leave me in the thoughtful silence sometimes an intense horror movie can inspire (although it was a short silence because it was a short movie). Possibly due to the aforementioned happy-stick, I didn’t get the surprise that I was expecting, it wasn’t the kind of surprise that you get when a Chinese businessman jumps out of a bush and tries to sell you supplies, it was more of a thoughtful surprise that sneaks up on you after the movie finishes and you realise that subliminal messages on the right of the screen made your malleable mind jump to conclusions too early on… or I’ve totally jumped to a conclusion that involves a greater amount of wrong.

Another whole story captured in a few minutes that has inspired me to investigate further the short horror movie scene that I’ve ignorantly ignored.