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An independent horror is a horror movie not produced or financed by a major film company, this also includes films produced and distributed by subsidiaries of major studios. This obviously covers a wide spectrum of movies and the definition has become more associated with low-budget movies distinguishable by their more audacious content and their divergence from the mainstream.

The world of horror movies is renowned for numerous independent productions bringing the director's own style to the screen. More often than not the freedom of independent movie making has allowed the horror director to express their vision as they truly intended and makes the overall horror movie experience a grittier and more in-your-face work of art, embracing all the excesses imaginable with no fear of taboos.

A number of independent studios have stamped their identity on the industry; Lions Gate, Tartan and Troma are all independent and have their own particular style of films but thousands of smaller production companies exist. Troma embraces the independent horror culture and have become eminent for releasing what the general public think is tantamount to an independent production.

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Don't Go Near the Park

They were cursed to eternal life at the cost of their souls!
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Don't Go Near the Park - They were cursed to eternal life at the cost of their souls!

Despite being an awful film, Don't Go Near the Park is an important movie for horror geeks of a certain age. It made it to the video nasty list which gave numerous horror movies that deserved to vanish into obscurity a cult status. The list has also increased recent demand for a lot of low quality shit which is the only reason this movie is likely ... Click to read more "Don't Go Near the Park"

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