A Few Screws Loose (2008)

Girls... Don't come alone.
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A Few Screws Loose - Girls... Don't Come Alone

A Few Screws Loose is independent horror director / producer / screenwriter Craig McIntyre's first full length feature. The movie promised to deliver an experience that was "not for the faint hearted" and it definitely delivers. It is obvious that the movie was made on a shoestring budget but the intensity of the whole experience makes this easy to overlook for any discerning gorehound. Don't expect a thought provoking plot but do expect a full on sensory assault. The movie was noticeably created to shock and disgust with extreme portrayal of taboos such as hardcore porn, drug taking, destruction of man's most prized possession and brutal bloody murder.

The movie begins on the set of a porn movie where porno king "Extreme Eric" and his faithful sidekick are overseeing numerous explicit acts all in the name of movie making. Apparently the father of one of the actresses is not too happy about his daughter's chosen career path and decides to rectify the situation with a machete. A few cast members bite the dust and faithful sidekick loses an arm before Eric sorts the situation with a bullet to angry Dad's brain. This is where we first start to suspect that Eric is the person whose screws need tightening as he dons a mask and takes pleasure in interior redecorating with guns and grey matter. Extreme Eric and his one armed companion manage to escape as does porn actress Ember (the gorgeous Aurelia Scheppers).

We soon discover that Eric and his buddy have most of there screws loose as in their spare time they enjoy kidnapping and murdering innocent young females lured with the promise of becoming a movie star.

Meanwhile, Stuart, a fan of Extreme Eric productions decides it's time to re-box the Kleenex and writes a letter to the object of his infatuations, Ember. Much to his surprise she responds and before long they are sharing an after sex cigarette. Unfortunately Eric is also infatuated with Ember and delivers the nasty kind of stabbing to the unsuspecting member of the love triangle. Surviving the attack, Stuart decides he must avenge himself and the now dead Ember and within a short montage he is a fully fledged ninja with a thirst for porn king blood.

The flow of this movie is quite disjointed and is basically a number of extreme scenes bound together with a thread of a story. A number of scenes seem quite irrelevant to the plot but this is not a bad thing as they add an element of confusion to the whole unsettling experience reminiscent of the exploitation movies of the Video Nasty era. The effects are far from Hollywood but the gore scenes are put together in a way where the splatter is momentarily thrown at the viewer giving them time to squirm rather than to analyse the props. The soundtrack, although minimal, is very effective with the loudness happening in the right places intensifying the shock value of the scenes.

Hot porno chicks, excessive violence, over the top gore, a masked misfit and a ninja-nerd with a baseball bat... what more could possibly be expected of an indie horror. My advice to the movie industry would be "give this man a big budget".
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