Black Devil Doll (2007)

Rated X by an all white jury!
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Black Devil Doll - Who will survive? What will be left of them? Will their virginity be intact?

If Hugh Everett ever stumbled upon a parallel universe where Tiffany Ray had married Dolomite instead of Chucky then he would probably find that, on that universe's equivalent of Earth, Black Devil Doll would be the notorious gender-confused Glen/Glenda terrorising the masses. That would be an exceptionally more entertaining reality in which to exist. Director Jonathon Lewis pulls no punches on the smut, the absurdity and the stereotypes, and skilfully creates homage to Blaxploiation, exploitation and grindhouse sleaze using a possessed puppet and a heave of buxom, half-naked white women conjuring up images of a pile-up in a 10 contender Zeppelin race. The movie starts (and continues) like a softcore porn with enough silicone and lady flesh to give the proverbial "gymnast on shore leave" a lycra tent in the crotch area.

The acting is of 80s porn quality plus the viewer is even treated to a sexy carwash while the horny puppet provides the soap, but, whereas Bitch-Slap fails to impress with random pretentious car-wash scenes, Black Devil Doll shines as it totally accepts that which it is... a grubby parody of horror, ghetto stereotypes and tabloid porn with the only homage inconsistency being the neatly trimmed bush. The depravity doesn't stop with full frontal nudity, jizz jokes and racist stereotypes as there is more than enough room for poop humour, homosexual necrophilia and a glut of bloodied up babes.

While bored at home one day, a lonely and nippley female, Heather (Heather Murphy), decides to fight the boredom with a quick blast on the Ouija board which just happens to be lying around. This attack on boredom just happens to coincide with the execution of a white trash loving black serial killer who returns from the dead and possesses a nearby doll through the power of Ouija.

The black afro sporting puppet and the buxom white wench immediately fall in love and proceed to participate in a love montage to show how much that a white woman/black puppet relationship can work. Soon love is not enough to satisfy the needs of the pimpish puppet and an orgy of thick-chicks and twister is required. Obligingly, Heather agrees to invite around a group of half-naked friends for wine coolers and then makes herself scarce so that the doll can sow his seed. But has the execution rehabilitated our killer from his murderous ways or will it end up a blood bath of lady meat? (Spoiler Alert: Yes... the latter.)

The comparison has probably been made numerous times already but there is enough bad taste in Black Devil Doll to make Lloyd Kaufman proud and enough political incorrectness to slot nicely in among the more notorious Troma offerings. The plot is simple with more holes than Bonnie Parker but these failings are recognised by the director and used as self-parody for comedic effect, with one victim's overly long shower being a prime example.

Black Devil Doll is a brain-off, massively entertaining chunk of low budget bad taste, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. The gore effects are ok although nothing groundbreaking is needed, the mammoplasty enlargement effects are worthy of giving the Dr. Leonard Grey a shout out in the credits and the puppet effects are... well... he's a muthafuckin' puppet so it's easy. The movie is well constructed and maintains interest by continually taking steps further away from the boundaries of decency. It makes perfect use of the constraints imposed by a low budget and effectively makes a mockery of numerous ostentatious movies claiming to be serious high profile indie horrors.

Black Devil Doll manages to be very low-brow humour with an underlying clever humour that pokes fun at its own low-browness. If you like tits, gore and puppets then the sick humour in this is guaranteed to impress your below par sensibilities.
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