Father's Day (2011)

Lock up your fathers.
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Father's Day - Lock up your Fathers

Blasphemy, incest, butt rape, penis mutilation, drug use, excessive gore, superfluous titties, baby splattering and homosexual prostitution are tricky subjects to add a comedy angle to at the best of times. Troma is the obvious establishment to turn to when needs like this must and when the crazies at Astron-6 are holding the writing and directorial reins, success becomes destiny. Father's Day is almost a modernisation of the Kaufman/Herz archetypes such as Class of Nuke 'Em High and Toxic Avenger, but given a grindhouse feel and a lot more depth than would be usually expected. It seems a lot of effort has been put into this movie to achieve that eighties film feel, from the soundtrack to more subtle aspects such as the way it is cut, how the characters interact and the abundance of sleaze (maybe that's not subtle). Whether this was intentional genius or simply accidental due to the inspirations, it works like a charm (assuming charms do work and aren't hippie propaganda). There is also the obvious scratching and aging effects on the film.

There is so much going on in Father's Day but it never seems thoughtlessly thrown together. There is rarely a dull moment and when there is it is intentionally made dull to intensify what happens next. Around the hour mark there is what seems to be a rather anti-climatic ending but this is creating a false sense of security before things really go insane. Right from the beginning the movie is firing on all cylinders as the three most unlikely characters are thrown together in a most unlikely situation.

Chris Fuchman AKA The Father's Day Killer is an almost urban legend like killer who likes to "rape, molest, tongue kiss or otherwise" middle class fathers before ending their fatherhood in a variety of gory ways. One such victim of Fuchman's pestilent penis was the father of Ahab. Ahab (Adam Brooks) the only person who ever came close to ending the fatherfucker's reign of terror. Teaming up with vengeful teen street hustler Twink (Conor Sweeney) and Father John Sullivan (Matthew Kennedy), the three negotiate their sleaze filled grimy surroundings to eliminate the threat once and for all.

There are numerous stories about how Father's Day came to be. Astron-6 are talented film makers that fitted in to the Troma aesthetic and this is enough to make this one of the best films to come out of that production company. For a low budget indie affair this movie is of a very high quality and all aspects feel fine tuned which is quite a feat as this whole project apparently started life as an outrageous fake trailer not intended for a full length script. Having committed to numerous scurrilous scenes, a film needed to be worked in around these and it works.

Father's Day exhibits an abundance of everything people crave from this style of film. The gore is creative and over the top and despite the low budget the effects are beautiful with the creators making the very most of what they have available. A lot of gore is dimly lit or close up which works really well. There is no shortage of naked flesh with exhibits ranging from a rather winceworthy cock scalpelling to a heaven filled with alluring boobs. Perversity is bounteous and always designed to shock from Twink sucking off the neighbourhood pervert to try and pilfer his wallet to Ahab's rather enthusiastic sex with his sister. Both scenes are executed tongue in cheek (or maybe that wasn’t a tongue in his cheek for the former) and are used to further the story rather than just added in for shocks. The characters are outrageous without being nonsensical and inspire a deeper engagement with their preposterous lives despite the overblown storyline the viewer is subjected to.
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