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Widow (2009)

Is she losing her mind or is the truth even more terrifying than she could ever imagine?
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Hellbound Heart


When watching and reviewing indie genre films, I've often found myself inclined to be pretty charitable. I know how hard it is to get films written and made, and to an extent, I take this into consideration. But that tolerance can only be taken so far - as a film fan, I want to get something out of the films I watch irrespective of their budgets or... Click to read more "Widow"

Pig (2010)

"I've done some dark things, but putting the brother's brains on the sister's head...?"
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Hellbound Heart

Pig - Oink!

It's straight in with a gut-punch of visceral nastiness with Pig, the latest film from British director Adam Mason (Broken, The Devil's Chair, Blood River). A woman, terrified and covered in blood, flees along a deserted highway - where's she's intercepted by a man we'll come to know only as "Daddy" (Andrew Howard). When she hears his car engine, s... Click to read more "Pig"

Grotesque (Gurotesuku) (2009)

King of Japanese grotesque movie.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Grotesque (Gurotesuku) - King of Japanese Grotesque Movie

With all the surrounding hype and it's UK banning by the BBFC, extreme horror fan's expectations have been set quite high for Kôji Shiraishi's Japanese exploitation flick Grotesque (Gurotesuku). It is a travesty that the movie was banned for trivial reasons such as being "an unrelenting and escalating scenario of humiliation, brutality and sadism" ... Click to read more "Grotesque (Gurotesuku)"