Live Feed (2006)

They will all pay the price...
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Live Feed - They will all pay the price...

If you are expecting a Hostel like movie with a big budget, trained actors, expensive special effects and sequel potential then Live Feed is not the movie for you. If you are expecting a low-budget, poorly acted, gore filled Hostel rip-off then watch Live Feed. As an aficionado of low-budget independent gore filled splatter flicks I must admit that I did get a certain amount of enjoyment out of this. I realised from the offset that it was going to be crap and that just allowed me to enjoy the gore for pure amusement.

Basically the plot involves a group of young adults going to a vastly culturally different country for a vacation where one of the numbskull Americans happens to insult a member of the Chinese Mafia. This is obviously a bit of a mistake as the tourist's next stop is a porno theatre slash depraved torture chamber owned by the Chinese Mafia who like to sadistically torment and kill out-of-towners and broadcast the slaughter to the depraved regulars of the establishment.

The undercover Japanese detective, whose current mission is to get some dirt on the Chinese Mafia and who happened to calm the previous situation with the tourist's vs the Mafia situation, is soon coming to the rescue as he suspects that the porno theatre is just a cover for something more sinister. The tourists are soon trapped by the sadists and are brutally murdered by the staff of the torture chamber whilst the customers watch. What follows is some innovative and disturbing scenes of the foreigners meeting their slow, cruel and demented demise.

The finale is a bit disjointed as the Japanese detective manages to get in to the building and begins to dispose of the twisted patrons of the organization. There is plenty of bad acting and plenty of dramatic pauses where the actors ability to pause and think about the situation makes all that is going on around him freeze in time, but eventually the two of the visitors to China manage to escape and the evil torture outfit is put out of business by the police.

Don't expect any quality out of Live Feed, the concept of the movie has loads of potential but unfortunately the outcome is quite poor. The gore is good and pretty extreme plus it is convincing enough to inspire a few squirms and is enough to offset the poor acting and the unimaginative storyline. Worth a watch if you are a fan of low-budget torture flicks and you have to admire the unnecessary brutality I just can't help thinking that this could have been so much better if a little more effort was applied.
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