Pig Hunt (2008)

Get muddy! Get bloody! Kill or be killed!
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Pig Hunt - Get muddy! Get bloody! Kill or be killed!

What do you get if you cross a group of jocky city douche-bags on a lads hunting trip (with a girl), a gang of dirty hillbilly inbred rednecks and a pot smoking hippie commune that worships a giant pig? You get Pig Hunt. James Isaac (Jason X, Skinwalkers) delivers a creature feature delivered in the style of a slasher and manages to bring the most unlikely groups of opposing cultural stereotypes to blows all tied together by a giant hog known as "The Ripper". The movie is described as a darkly comic action packed gorefest but doesn't deliver either in bundles, not to say this isn't a fun movie, it definitely fits into the genre of horror entertainment but doesn't really push any boundaries, break any barriers or provide much brain stimulus.

The overall concept is original but is really just an amalgamation of other done-to-death concepts presented in a fairly linear style. The main characters are a typical slasher crew, the sensible leader, his kick ass girlfriend, the two egotistically challenged smart-asses, the nerd and his dog. Between the fodder and the slasher are a typical redneck crew and a typical boob filled hippie crew under the guidance of your typical machete wielding hippie pimp, and then we have the main protagonist hogzilla. A mishmash of styles which increase our main posse's chances of meeting a brutal and untimely death. The best characters have to be Jake and Ricky, the local hillbilly hunters that accompany the city slickers on the hog rummage until the expected fall-out happens.

John takes his city friends and his girlfriend to his dead uncle's old ranch to hunt some hog, possibly roast marshmallows around an open fire whilst singing "Boom Chicka Boom" and make tents out of bracken. On their way they stop at a hick-shop to buy Richester Melloworld Rabbit Candy and hear rumours of a 300lb pig that lives in the forest, they also encounter the blaxploitation version of Manson who uses his hippie machete-powers to save Brook (Johns cute yet kick-ass girlfriend) from a rattlesnake. After some macho posturing from the city folks and the hippie John Shaft, the hunter's head of into the woods to receive "we don't like your kind around here" stares from the forest dwelling rednecks.

Being "originally from round here", John knows some of the locals and Jake and Ricky join the hunting crew to give some top quality hunting advice, spitting lessons and a few modules on "cussing like a local". The hunt doesn't reveal too much swine but all is not lost as emu corpses and a massive field of ganja is discovered. With the thought of giggle-fits, paranoia and an abundance of emu burgers on the horizon a fight soon breaks out and Ricky ends up holier than Mary on prom night (lucky there weren't DNA test in the biblical days). Jake, feeling outnumbered scarpers swearing hillbilly vengeance for the death of his brother.

Now being pursued by an unclean gang of cousin-fuckers, the city slickers are feeling a bit out of their depth, hopefully they'll bump into semi-naked dope babes and their old friend the sarong wearing snake-charmer... and hopefully the hippies just want to share sex and pot and aren't planning on sacrificing anyone to a giant pig.

Pig Hunt is an ideal hung-over Sunday morning flick providing light horror entertainment, a nice bit of splatter and nothing too complex or disturbing to send you back to bed to sleep off your headache. This would definitely be a hunting trip to remember in a "hunter becoming the hunted" kind of way plus the added complications of the other wood dwellers fighting for their place in the wooded food chain makes for quite an action packed bonding session. Pig Hunt delivers all of the ingredients to make a delicious horror cake and the eating, whilst enjoyable with a few sugary surprises, will leave you hungry for more.
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