Smash Cut (2009)

Lights... Camera... Body parts!
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Smash Cut - Lights... Camera... Body Parts

Lee Demarbre (director) and Ian Driscoll (writer) pay tribute to the gore-master and visionary of the splatter genre, Herschell Gordon Lewis, with Smash Cut. A low budget affair (which is no surprise if you have seen Demabrbre's cult horror works such as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter) starring David Hess from Last House on the Left fame (he deserves a plug) and porn actress Sasha Grey (she's probably been plugged enough). Having a vast back catalogue of movie roles such as Face Invaders 4, Finger Licking Good: Volume 5 and Ass Eaters Unanimous 19 it's no surprise (or is it) that Sasha expresses the most acting talent in the movie amongst an otherwise cardboard and overly pregnant-pausing cast. It could be the case that this acting was purposeful to emulate the works of HG Lewis, in which case the acting was marvellous. The important thing is that the movie is chock-full of blood, dismemberment and psychotic happenings and the over emphasized characters give an exquisite independent feel making for a pleasurable horror flick experience... and who can resist a movie featuring Michael Berryman in a curly black wig and Sasha Gray in a nurse outfit.

Failing movie director Able Whitman (David Hess) is struggling to be taken seriously as a maker of horror movies due to a restrictive budget providing some rather crappy gore-effects. With his latest significant movie, Terror Toy, inspiring laughter rather than terror, Able decides to drown his sorrows with an abundance of intoxicating fluids and a stripper named Gigi Spot. Convincing Gigi that she would be the ideal actress in his next feature and reluctantly accepting a free dance, as all drunken men would at a strip club, he offers her a ride in his car (a ride home that is) and drunkenly ploughs his car into the nearest tree. Having killed Gigi in the accident, Able decides that it would be best to keep her for a bit (as all drunken men would in a fatal accident with a stripper) but is soon inspired by voices in his head that he has the most realistic props for his next movie right here, and not being one to break his promises, Gigi soon makes an appearance in his production.

After receiving much praise for the realism in his latest take, Able decides that he must enlist the help of more corpses to make his movie a success and proceeds to harvest more cast members from his network of outlandish business contacts.

Meanwhile, April Carson is concerned that she has not been in contact with her stripper sister Gigi for a while and, realizing that should her sibling be the victim of a deranged serial killer who butchers victims in public the police would be no help, she enlists the help of Isaac Beaumonde, an eccentric private investigator. Hot on the trail of Able Whitman, April auditions for a part in Terror Toy 2 to try and discover some concrete evidence that her new director is an unhinged, mass-murderer being instructed to kill by the corpse of her sister.

Containing a cameo from Herschell Gordon Lewis himself, Smash Cut is mark of respect to the whole splatter genre from days gone by and pays homage to the wonderfulness that this genus of movie brought to the world of horror. The blood is plentiful and executed in a low budget manner, which still kicks the ass of the modern day fetish for CGI, and the star studded cast of horror heroes makes Smash Cut an awesome addition to my collection of "bad movies that I love". Not one to usually mention extras, but when Sasha Grey is on a DVD with a gag-reel I... no.. just stop now!
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