Someone's Knocking at the Door (2009)

We all kill... and fuck... together...
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Someone's Knocking at the Door - We all kill... and fuck... together...

Drugs are never the answer (unless the question is “What shall we do at the weekend?”). It is obvious from the opening credits that Someone's Knocking at the Door is going to feature copious amounts of narcotics, drug addled students dying and a modern psychedelic skew. It is obvious from the opening scene that loose morals and brutal pervertedness will also be a dominant factor. Director and co-writer Chad Ferrin (also director of The Ghouls and Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!) opens the movie with a bang in more senses of the phrase than one. Any film that involves a death dispatched by a 4 inch wide and 15 inch long penis to an unwilling butthole in the first 5 minutes has a lot to live up to in the next 75 minutes.

The majority of the film is a "weed and magic mushrooms in a non-secure environment" experience. The giggles are there but these are offset by some deranged gore and a rather bleak subject matter. Someone's Knocking at the Door manages to be dryly comedic without resorting to low-brow humour or jokes which so many independent films fall victim to. The exaggerated characters (cast by Wolf Dangler) bring the fun yet maintain an air of believability within the environment into which they have been introduced. John Hopper (played by Ezra Buzzington) wielding his oversized weapon makes for a serial killer who will definitely and literally put the willies up you. His character is complimented by his sultry wife Wilma (Elina Madison) who guarantees a dirty night between her thighs but probably not in the good way.

The plot involves a group of medical students stumbling upon an experimental drug called Taldon that was used in tests on a serial killer couple. Purely for research reasons the students shoot up the drug and the serial killer couple return to wreak rapey ruination.

The film is a slasher with a difference and manages to dodge the banality often apparent in slashers while still sticking loosely to the formula.The characters are the usual stereotypes in their cores but the stereotypes are for a reason and are taken to a level where their flaws maintain interest.

The film pulls few punches and takes standard plot devices up a few notches. The drugs are medical student grade (with an honorable mention of dimethyltryptamine) and are used in excess with some creatively scored tweak scenes to engage the viewer in the activities. It is refreshing to see some research into the drug culture rather than making the characters have to find enjoyment from a couple of beers and a tiny spliff before their demise. The sex is perverted even when between consenting adults (which is infrequent to none) and the deaths are perverted beyond unhinged sexual kinks. On screen deaths are rapey and administered by oversized manhoods or face swallowing womanhoods with an abundance of blood and a maniacal enthusiasm. The cameraman is not shy of a bit of on-screen cock and muff fluff.

The madness is offset by some quite contrasting serious scenes in which the actors quite competently manage the emotions required to cope with the horrors they are enduring. There are also comedy interludes driven by dialogues between unlikely characters. The humour is quite downplayed and comes from the situation rather than a slew of witty remarks. There are a few of these scenes which change the vibe quite suddenly and while it can sometimes seem a bit disjointed it works within the context of this film to maintain a certain level of trippyness.

The last 10 minutes are a "paranoid comedown from the previous occurrences stimulated with amphetamines" experience. It soon becomes quite obvious what the real situation is and is no real surprise by this stage. The reality is thoroughly explained and the film could have maybe benefitted from a more abrupt ending. Based on the deleted scenes on the DVD quite a bit was already cut from the end.

Someone's Knocking at the Door is a crazy trip to a standard end but it is well worth the jaunt. While still feeling like an independently made film throughout, it is obvious a lot of passion and previous experience has been invested here. There is a discernable desire to push buttons and buttons are pushed without sacrificing the elements which make a good story.
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