Wasting Away (2007)

A new perspective on the zombie movie.
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Wasting Away - A new perspective on the zombie movie.

Wasting Away is one of the most originally creative and comical zombie movies that has blessed DVD since the Ancient Anglo Saxons created Shaun of the Dead. There are numerous reasons why this movie is beautiful and justice would not be done if each one was not given a couple of sentences of its own. Wasting Away makes good use of the black and white with one colour technique which seemed so revolutionary in the days of Rumblefish. In this instance the colour is vivid green and indicates that something zombie is going to happen. For a seemingly low-budget feature the actor's abilities are on par and are really well casted for the roles that they are in plus they manage to keep the humour level consistent throughout. The zombiness scenes are portrayed as if a parody of zombiness but this works really well and inspires many a smirk. The interchange between the "mostly black and white" and the "full-colour" is used throughout the movie in a unique manner to display the current perspective of the current scene. This back and forth between the tri-colour world and full spectrum visibility switch with greater frequency as the movie progresses and this provides a gradual rise in excitement levels for the viewer.

The greatest and most beautifullest part of the movie deserves a whole paragraph. The story is executed from the zombie's point of view! This may sound like a bad idea for a plot device but the genius sprinkling of sugary sweetness is that the zombies do not realize what it is they are and are convinced, due to their speeded up perspective of the world, that the rest of society is being ravaged by an infection and they are fighting to survive the epidemic. To each other they seem normal and coherent yet surprisingly impervious to death and quite brain hungry, whereas the rest of the population looks like amphetamine addled clubbers, from the other side of the railings the really infected ones look like slow, shambling skunk-heads groaning like a Bonnie Tyler orgasm.

A traffic accident involving a tree and military truck taking experimental zombifying goo to a disposal site discharges some of its toxic load near the ice cream ingredients outside of a nearby bowling alley. The staff in the bowling alley are preparing for opening and having done their chores decide that a beer ice-cream would speed up the boredom of waiting and proceed to bring in a keg from outside and mix it up in the Mr. Whippy machine. Undeterred by the slightly green tint to their beveragely enhanced dairy treat the four bowling alley staff ravenously enjoy their indulgence but soon start to feel the effects of the military gunk. With one member of staff needing a stomach pump the bowling alley crew run outside in colour (or shamble outside in black and white) to get help and this is when they discover that (from their point of view) the rest of society has been infected by bonkersness.

Enter the stage Mr "The military tested their gunk on me" who, convinced that the injection of swine-flu victim snot that he was injected with was a secret military experiment to turn him into the ultimate soldier, convinces his fellow mucus munchers that they are also ultimate soldiers and they must evade the rest of society whilst saving the uninfected society.

It is a real struggle to find something to criticize about Wasting Away, the gore-levels are far from excessive but over the top gore would probably dissipate the charm levels present, and there is gore just not the amount expected from a zombie flick. The effects are sometimes a bit obvious but that no way detracts from the fact that this is a great stroy, the creators new their effect limitations and therefore didn't abuse the use. Wasting Away is a top quality family-fun horror with a truly original take on the zombie genre injecting a green syringe-full of toxic baby formula into a genre where you thought every angle had been explored.
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