Demons 2 (Dèmoni 2: L'incubo ritorna) (1986)

The nightmare returns.
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Demons 2 - The Nightmare Returns

Demons 2: The Nightmare Is Back (Dèmoni 2: L'incubo ritorna) is pretty much an Italian zombie flick but with the undead referred to a demons and possessing a little more flair than the shambling gut-piles we are used to from the Italian reanimated population. Written by Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava, Demons 2 has all of the cheesy pop music, bad dubbing and gratuitous gore expected from the genre. The majority of the movie is a typical "survive the undead" with the preponderance of the featured forsaken apartment block residents failing to achieve this simple goal. Apart from the ghoulies-like travesty midway through the movie, Demons 2 is a contender for the cult Italian horror classic award. The movie is obviously targeted at a wider audience than some of the more disturbing cinematic creations that Italian directors are reputed for in the horror world although there are a few examples of the emblematic distaste that would not be acceptable in your typical American teen horror, such as child victims and a distinct lack of attempted wittiness.

A 16 year old Sally, tenant of a 10 storey apartment block, is celebrating her birthday in style whilst the parents are out by having a wild teenage party and watching TV horror that has progressed to the small screen from it’s cinematic debut in the original Demons. The creature feature is showing the unfolding events taking place as a group of seditious teens explore a previously demon infested area cannily known as "The Forbidden Zone". Upon discovering the shrivelled corpse of a demon one of the unwitting intruders manages to revive the demonic fiend. Soon bored of the present company the demon decides to see what's happening outside of the tube and crashes the sweet sixteen party infecting Sally with a rather severe case of demonitus. As everyone knows the presence of alcohol or demons at a teenage party is guaranteed to instigate irresponsible behaviour and the merrymaking soon becomes a cacophony of demonic behaviour that spills out into the rest of the apartment block.

Being a typical 16 year old demon, Sally leads the possessed partygoers on a rampage turning the rest of the residents into the preferred type of demons that she likes to party with. The story doesn't get much more complicated than that and focuses on the resident's futile attempts to escape the infestation, all cumulating in a rather homo-erotic blood orgy in the basement car park as a bunch of well greased body builders and athletes, led by the extra greasy gym leader Hank, try and escape the apartment block's infestation of bloodthirsty vermin.

Demons 2 is not quite at the top of the gore-o-meter but it is definitely in the top half and considering it was made in 1986 the movie made quite an impact in the commercial market although probably not as much as it’s predecessor. The little demon portion in the middle of the movie is almost comical (mostly due to the unconvincing puppet causing the mayhem) and is quite a detraction from the rest of the terror, almost ruining the atmosphere. With this scene put to one side, the flick is rather a macabre and creepy experience with a disturbing undertone creating a subliminal sense of dread proving the fairly palpable supposition that the Italians know how to make a decent horror.
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