Ratman (Quella villa in fondo al parco) (1988)

The critter from the shitter.
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Ratman - The Critter from the Shitter

Not knowing what to expect, Ratman (Quella villa in fondo al parco) provided a pleasantly disturbing chunk of Italian trashy nastiness. Possibly the most disturbing aspect of the experience was the rat-monkey-monster himself played by Nelson de la Rosa, the once smallest person in the world (R.I.P.), adding a serious amount of realism to the creepyness, this combined with the usual amount of Italian horror insensitivity and a soundtrack that sounds like it has been lifted from a Fulci movie makes Ratman a wholly disconcerting encounter. The atmosphere throughout is dark and morbid with no intentional comic relief, but who can fail to be amused by a dubious choice of dub actors, an unnaturally and forcibly explained plot via a bad script... and Werner Pochath! This poker-faced execution with the inadvertent layer of comedy creates the kind of melancholic confusion that only Italian horror can deliver.

The rat mutation is revealed in his glorious entirety in the first few minutes of the movie but still manages to create an air of unsettling nausea in subsequent poorly lit and shadowy sequences, still managing to create the same sense of unknown usually reserved for movies that don't reveal their monsters until the end. Each time the rat man is revealed creates a sensory disturbance due to the exceptional realism that Nelson de la Rosa provides (plus the sharp teeth).

A mad scientist decides that it would be worth dedicating 20 years of his life to genetically splicing a rat and a monkey using some form of science rather than the tried and tested method of alcohol, romantic music and Flunitrazepam. Finally Dr "Do it the hard way" has his endeavours rewarded with a tiny little ratboy with the viciousness of a rat and the intelligence of a simian. Unfortunately a side effect of playing God's dice game with weighted dice has resulted in ratboy having toxic teeth and claws, and a taste for soaped up lady flesh that no amount of gorgonzola can compete with.

Unfortunately for the world and any models in the vicinity, Ratman escapes from the flimsy birdcage he calls home and decides to go on a rampage in the conveniently located deserted town nearby, which just happens to be a magnet for scantily clad women and some dude trying to find inspiration for his new horror book. Most captive primates are happy if they have faeces to throw around and their owner beats them of once in a while, but the rat voracity in ratman makes him unhappy with family life in a birdcage without a hamster wheel and carnage ensues.

Don't expect to see anything award winning, but for those with a penchant for the more obscure Italian horrors who know what to expect... bad dubbing, spoon-fed storylines, musical plagiarism and over emphasised acting, Ratman is quite a disquieting addition to the genre. The character dispatches are quite graphic as ratman feasts on his victims, once again with our midget-created realness making the scenes so much more disturbing. The ending is quite typical of horror movies of the era in a "twilight zone kind of way" and is comforting in a way that can only be provided in a horror movie. If you are a fan of esoteric Italian cinema and accept the limitations that the majority of cheap Italian movies from the 70s have to work with, then you would do well to give Ratman a viewing.
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