British Horror Movies

Since the late nineties there has been a boom in the number of horror movies coming from Britain. Due to an increase in popularity of the horror genre as a whole and improved marketing and distribution opportunities, numerous high quality horrors have emerged and are making an impact on the worldwide market in a way not seen since the Hammer Horror movies from the fifties and sixties.

Initially the UK based Hammer Horror Films Production Company dominated the horror movie market for decades with their brand of gothic monster movies. more recently British horror has moved away from the haunted castles, fog covered graveyards and gothic villains that dominated the Hammer brand and has grounded itself in more believable situations but without straying too far from that distinctly British heritage. Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy were replaced by much more viable (although not necessarily less fantastical) threats. More recently Britain is responsible for some dark and twisted horror movies, often characterised by having demented themes and not very happy endings. Even the darkly humorous ventures from Britain tend to have a quite callous undertone and leaves those who watch with a sense that everything is not going to be alright.

Movies such as 28 Days Later, Creep, Dog Soldiers and Eden Lake reinvigorated the British horror industry and was accompanied by a revival of Hammer Horror in 2008. Britain is making a big impact on the horror movie market with their high quality and distinctly British brand of horror disturbing the world with cruel cynicism and sadistic sarcasm.

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The Children (2008)

You brought them into this world. Now ... They will take you out.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

The Children - You brought them into this world. Now ... They will take you out.

If ever there was a commendable lesson in modern day parenting then Tom Shankland's The Children is it. If you are going to be hippie, hipster, new-age, middle class, tosser parents and you force this upon your children then they will probably get sick in the head and kill you. Intuition provides an inclination of where the story is going to go fro... Click to read more "The Children"

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British Horror Movies

A selection of our favorite British Horrors.
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British Horror Movies

The UK horror scene has had a resurgence in popularity in the recent years after a prolonged nap time after the death of Hammer Horror, with some quality horror making an appearance in the last couple of decades. Many of the UK's progressive horror directors are unafraid to put a new twist on age old horror themes and often add a little bit of the ... Click to read more "British Horror Movies"