Jack Frost (1997)

He's chillin'...and killin'.
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Jack Frost - He's chillin...and killin

It is a common theme within the slasher genre for the movie to not take itself too seriously; Jack Frost takes this a stage further and is almost a parody of the typical slasher experience. The main element of ridiculousness in this movie is the main protagonist, Jack Frost, half serial killer, half snowman, who wreaks havoc on the small town of Snomanton where we are subjected to a standard formula small town slasher plot; Supernatural killer returns to a town for revenge innovatively and ironically wasting any locals that get in the way of the planned vengeance, killers weakness is found, killer is killed, killer isn't really dead, killer killed again (but more thoroughly this time)... but are they really dead? Or will there be a sequel? The real charm of these types of slasher movies is the imaginative methods that our anti-hero utilizes to dispose of the innocent, and this is all the more entertaining when our anti-hero is an oversized snowman which perceptibly opens the doors for an abundance of snow puns.

One snowy night near Christmas, serial killer Jack Frost is being transported to his execution for the murder of 38 innocents, and he'd have got away with it if it wasn't for the pesky Sherriff of Snomanton, the quiet backwater town through which the state execution truck just happens to be passing when it collides with another truck containing experimental genetic goo. The combination of Jack, the top secret genetic gunk and the snow gives rise to a malevolent evil snowman hell-bent on avenging his capture with local Sheriff Sam Tiler being the focus of his retribution plans.

As the townsfolk begin to succumb to mysterious deaths by alleged random acts of violence by snowmen and giant mitten related accidents, Sam's nightmares about Jack's threats of reprisal become a reality as the murders all lead towards him and his family. The FBI soon arrive in a suspiciously prompt manner and take over the case but they are no match for the mutant snowman's ability to melt and refreeze ensuring that no small gaps can stop his rampage.

It soon becomes apparent that the FBI are not who they claim to be and that they are actually representatives of the Gene Codes Corporation determined to salvage their experiment run-amok and cover up the happenings in Snomanton. Tiler knows that to save his family Jack Frost must die regardless of the corporations incarceration plans and being a long-time resident of a snowy little town has a few snow obliteration tricks up his sleeve.

Jack Frost is a very typical addition to the contrived slasher movies churned out in the nineties and although the movie tries to be a satirical slasher it is not absurd enough to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of slashers just as implausible that consider themselves to be serious horror flicks. As a festive slasher, Jack Frost (not to be confused with the Michael Keaton atrocity) is a breath of fresh air from the usual crazed Santa's and the movie is undeniably a bit tongue in cheek, from the offset the corniness is accepted and allows the movie to simply entertain... which is exactly what it is supposed to do. Good gore, naked Shannon Elizabeth and an abundance of trite snow-humor, Jack Frost delivers exactly what we have come to expect from the genre.
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