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Our Favourite Slasher Movie Scream Queens.
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Horror Extreme - Our Top Ten Scream Queens

Scream Queen is a term used to describe an actress famous for her roles in horror movies, either as a regular victim, the heroine or the disturbed killer. These seductive young ladies are most commonly found in the slasher movie genre and when allowed to outlive the bloodthirsty protagonist of such movies they are commonly known as the final girl, a concept quite prevalent in the world of modern slashers. Unable to resist a damsel-in-distress, Horror Extreme has compiled a list of our current favorite ladies of horror.

Sheri Moon Zombie

Sheri Moon Zombie in The Devil's Rejects

Sheri Lyn Skurkis (born September 26, 1970), better known as Sheri Moon or Sheri Moon Zombie since her marriage to the talented horror director Rob Zombie, is best known in the horror world for her appearances in House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects and more recently the Halloween remake (all of which were directed by her esteemed husband). She has also made appearances in Tobe Hoopers remake of Toolbox Murders and one of the fake trailer segments in Grindhouse promoting a fictitious movie Werewolf Women of the SS. She has been named as a scream queen and "the most iconic female serial killer to emerge on the modern horror scene"

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead screaming like a final girl should

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (born November 28, 1984) is our next scream queen referred to as such due to her appearances in slasher flicks such as Death Proof, Black Christmas and being the final girl in her leading role in Final Destination 3.

Angela Bettis

A blood splattered Angela Bettis

Angela Marie Bettis (born January 9, 1973) is most famous for her role as the twisted and disturbed May in a movie of the same name where she portrays the sweet, fragile, serial killing female obsessed with her dolls. She has also starred in numerous other horror movies such as Toolbox Murders, Bless the Child and the Lucky McKee Masters of Horror installment Sick Girl.

Debbie Rochon

Debbie Rochon about to meet her maker

Debbie Rochon (born November 3, 1968) is a B-Movie starlet starring in a number of Troma Entertainment classics such as Terror Firmer and Tromeo and Juliette, and a vast number of other underground slasher movies, stalked in Santa Claws and the final girl in Bleed but it was the 1988 independent horror movie Negatives that launched her career as a scream queen. Oh and who can forget Bikini Bloodbath!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar and someone with a Grudge

Sarah Michelle Prinze (born April 14, 1977) better known by her birth name of Sarah Michelle Gellar, and most famous as the ass-kicking Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah has appeared in a number of horror movies such as the US remakes of The Grudge and The Grudge 2 plus the more accessible slasher movies I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2, firmly fixing her place in out top ten scream queens.

Scout Taylor-Compton

Scout Taylor-Compton and her loving brother

Desariee Starr Compton (born February 21, 1989) is an American scream queen who goes professionally by the name Scout Taylor-Compton. She earned her reputation as scream queen by starring in Wicked Little Things and April Fools Day but her greatest horror role was when she stepped into the shoes of the ultimate scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis to portray Laurie Stroud in the 2007 Rob Zombie remake of Halloween.

Shawnee Smith

Shawnee Smith playing a game with Jigsaw

Shawnee Smith (born July 3, 1970) is most famous for her portrayal of Amanda Young in four Saw movies and soon to be starring in the imaginatively titled Saw V, but is also recognized in the horror genre for her performance in Carnival of Souls and the graphic remake of The Blob. Shawnee is rumoured to be further enhancing her reputation as a scream queen in The Grudge 3.

Tiffany Shepis

Tiffany Shepis looking evil

Tiffany Shepis (born 11 September 1979) is another scream queen famous for her B-Movie appearances, starting her career in Troma's Tromeo and Juliet she has gone on to feature in multitude of horror movies including Citizen Toxie, Nightmare Man, Scarecrow, Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp and soon to be starring in Chainsaw Cheerleaders.

Asia Argento

The super sexy Asia Argento

Asia Aria Anna Maria Vittoria Rossa Argento (born September 20, 1975) was destined to become a scream queen being the daughter of Italian Horror Master Dario Argento. She has starred in numerous movies directed by her father with the most notable appearances being Trauma, The Stendhal Syndrome and more recently The Mother of Tears. She also appeared in George A. Romero's Land of the Dead.

Jamie Lee Curtis

The axe weilding Jamie Lee Curtis

Last but not least, Jamie Lee Curtis (born November 22, 1958) is the most renowned slasher movie scream queen most notably for her role in numerous Halloween movies (Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween H20 and Halloween Resurrection) but has starred in numerous other slasher flicks including Prom Night, Terror Train, the sci-fi horror Virus to name a few.
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