Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it?
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Cannibal Holocaust - Ripout! Barbeque! Devour! How long can you take it?

I found Cannibal Holocaust to be a seriously disturbing horror movie although I'm not sure what it was that disturbed me. It wasn't the gore, the movie was very gory but I've seen a lot worse. There was no fear element of the movie, so it wasn't that. It was very brutal but once again I've seen much more brutality in other movies. I think it was the unnecessaryness of it all that left me with that empty feeling at the end.

The plot revolves around an anthropologist who goes into the South American jungle to determine what had happened to a group of four previous explorers who had ventured into the jungle to make a documentary about cannibals. It turns out that the jungle is home to a group of brutal savages and the only thing they fear are the "tree people" a group of even more savage savages who are also cannibals.

Whilst on the trail of the four explorers Professor Harold Monroe (Robert Kerman) discovers some footage that the previous party had managed to lose. On this he discovers the evil acts that the four documenters had subjected the local wildlife and savages to.

I won't dwell on the plot as its pretty weak. I will dwell on the fact that the movie was a test of endurance to reach the end of scene after scene of mindless brutality. There were scenes of castration, impalement, abortion (the foetus was ripped from within the mother) and of course, cannibalism. Also the pure evilness of the reporters torturing animals and the natives for fun, at one point they burned nearly a whole village of people, including women and children and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Needless to say they ended up getting what they deserved, but this wasn't really much of a consolation after the full on assault that my senses had been subjected to.

I believe Ruggero Deodato was trying to make a moral point in directing this movie, trying to make the reporters seem worse than the tribes people due to the fact that they come from the civilised world and were getting enjoyment out of their murderous acts, whereas the natives were just living their lives as they always had. Who are the savages? Who is evil?

Cannibal Holocaust was heavily censored and was banned as a Video Nasty in the UK as part of the Video Recordings Act of 1984. Personally I think this movie should be seen by everyone (not just horror movie fans) as it makes quite a philosophical point and also pushes the boundaries of decency to the extreme to make a point. Personally I just found it all a bit too serious to be entertaining, although I'm glad that I have experienced this infamous Italian Horror.
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