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A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon)

Every family has its dark secrets.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

A Tale of Two Sisters - Fairytales have never been this Grimm

A Tale of Two Sisters (or Janghwa, Hongryeon which translates as Rose Flower, Red Lotus) is a South Korean chiller which, although typical of a lot of supernatural Korean horror, is a superbly crafted story with an almost fairytale-like undertone and a disturbing and unexpected twist . Directed by Ji-Woon Kim (who's only other notable horror that I... Click to read more "A Tale of Two Sisters (Janghwa, Hongryeon)"

Ab-Normal Beauty (Sei mong se jun)

Drop dead beautiful.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Ab-Normal Beauty - Drop Dead Beautiful

The more prolific half of the Pang Brothers released Ab-Normal Beauty (Sei mong se jun) in 2004. Oxide Pang Chun seems to be unsure whether he wants to make a morbid documentation of an obsessive photographer's fascination with death or a slasheresque snuff movie... so he does both. Rather than clumsily merge of the two concepts the movie turns int... Click to read more "Ab-Normal Beauty (Sei mong se jun)"

Alice, Sweet Alice AKA Communion

If you survive this night... Nothing will scare you again.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Alice, Sweet Alice - If You Survive This Night... Nothing Will Scare You Again.

Alice, Sweet Alice is a nice little chunk of psychological grey-matter shafting slasherism from 1976 America, although it was originally released as Communion it was re-released as Alice, Sweet Alice in 1978 and then again as Holy Terror in 1981. One of the main reasons that this movie has the ability to fuck with the head is due to the convincing ... Click to read more "Alice, Sweet Alice AKA Communion"