Dead Snow (Død snø) (2009)

Ein! Zwei! Die!
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Dead Snow - Ein! Zwei! Die!

There are two words that can instantly grab my attention: Nazis & Zombies. And if you have both of these things in one movie, you have my UNDIVIDED attention.

There's one thing you need to know before you watch this movie - it doesn't take itself very seriously. If you're looking for some underlying theme on the atrocities the Nazi committed or soldier mob mentality, you're going to have to look for your social commentary elsewhere. The zombies are Nazis for pure entertainment, without having to give a thought to sensitivity or good taste. The director, Tommy Wirkol, seems to walk a tightrope act of camp and horror over a pit of gore. Oh my, the glorious gore..... the influences from 80s splatter horror are not only obvious, they're embraced and flaunted. And the Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Friday the 13th and other references are icing on the cake - don't worry, I won't ruin the surprises.

Did I mention camp and gore? Chainsaws? An MG42 on a snow mobile? Outhouse sex? Cliff hanging from intestines? If you're still not interested, I'm guessing you're the guy at the party complaining the music is too loud and wants to cuddle after sex.

Now before you freak out that this movie is not an English language movie (it's a Norwegian film), give it a chance. In many foreign films, the dialogue translation is never quite captured right, making the viewer miss out of subtle acting cues and can ruin the feel of a movie - this is not the case here. The dialogue between the characters never felt forced or "off"; it felt like a spot on translation of how a group of friends would act when away on a drunken weekend trip. The subtitles didn't distract from the film at all for me. I heard there was an English dubbed version, but I don't think it's that good.

The story itself is one that has been repeated many times over decades - a group of friends take a trip to a remote cabin for a weekend of drinking, skiing & doing what horny people in their 20s do, all in an area where a Norwegian village revolted and ran out their evil & sadistic Nazi occupiers in 1945 - who presumably flee to the mountains and die....... OR DID THEY? *Dramatic music*

Cue resident Creepy Mean Old Guy to warn our party of Evil in this Land!! A warning, of course, laughed off & ignored. They continue to party and to drink, heedless of Creepy Mean Old Guy's Warning!!!! They even find a stash of stolen Nazi gold... and then all Hell breaks loose!

This movie is full of cliches. It's full of tongue in cheek humor. It's full of gore. Oh my GOD - it's full of gore. The contrast of blood on snow is never more apparent than after the use of a chainsaw on several hundred nazi zombies. This movie probably won't win an Academy Award, and if you don't appreciate a good horror comedy, you'll probably hate this. The acting is decent and so are the effects, and the characters actually have a semblance of a personality. And it's full of unabashed carnage with some of the most creative and disgusting Zombie kills I've seen. This movie may be a guilty pleasure to some, but it's easily made my list of top ten good time Comfort movies.

Again, this isn't some high brow horror movie, and it doesn't pretend to be. Just do yourself a favor and watch this - preferably with a group of friends that have an appreciation for things like Behind the Mask, Severance, Jack Brooks and other horror comedies. You won't be disappointed.
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