Gorotica (1993)

Nudity, necrophilia, violence and murder.
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Gorotica - Nudity, Necrophilia, Violence and Murder

If a single film or title could do more to encapsulate the spirit of Horror Extreme than the gung-ho wrongness that is Gorotica then I've yet to find it. Let's look at the all-important stats, shall we. The film contains nudity, necrophilia, violence and murder, all lovingly presented in an incredibly weird slab of lowbrow entertainment. If that isn't enough of a reason for you to seek out this ultra-rare low budget offering, then look no further than an intro sequence where a woman masturbates with a skull whilst watching death scene footage... this just about, just about, prepares you for what is to follow.

Lowlife thieves Neil and Max are planning one final job - a jewel heist - which will set them up for life, enabling them to put their pillaging ways aside. However, things soon go badly wrong. The men are cornered and, rather than give up the diamond they've stolen, Neil swallows it, before he goes and gets himself shot during the pursuit. He's evidently in a worse way than his companion realises, because he dies while they are driving around the city wondering what the hell to do next. Where would be the best place to go, in this situation? Well, Neil decides on a nearby cemetery.

Enter local necrophiliac Carrie (Getty Chasum), who treats this cemetery as her own personal pick-up joint, scouring local newspaper obituaries for "fresh dates". She offers to help the men out with their problem, and Neil agrees that they'll take Max's body to her place for a while. Her brand of "help" isn't much use for retrieving the diamond though, as she just has her wicked way with the corpse - in a heavily Nekromantik-influenced sequence - before, and I kid you not, passing the corpse on to a gay man... who has AIDS... and selflessly likes to select dead bodies as partners rather than risk passing on his infection... oh, but he often feels worthless and guilty, so Carrie gets into some S&M gear and whips him senseless from time to time.

For reasons I can't imagine, Neil is getting sick of pandering to these fruitcakes. He still wants his diamond, and he wants to sell it on quickly. However the evil bitch who set up the heist in the first place is getting tetchy and now offers him less and less for the gem, should he even be able to retrieve it from the abdomen of his deceased partner-in-crime/sex toy for the demented. Under these circumstances it's no wonder Neil decides to take matters into his own hands...

I'll say this for the makers of Gorotica; they had their opportunity to make an exploitation film and they grabbed it. There's something about their DIY punk ethos that earns my respect, even though the picture quality, sound quality and graphics are utterly awful. The camera shakes, the dialogue is barely audible and the acting is patchy but you can't help but be drawn into the 'video (cheap and) nasty' feel of this 60-minute film. It's also hard not to end up with an admiration for Carrie, Getty Chasum's character, who comes over like a perverted Molly Ringwald, had Ms. Ringwald ended up on a radically different path in life.Gorotica is absolutely and utterly un-PC at every stage, yet bestowed with a mystifying amateur charm, and this film could take pride of place in the 'WTF' section of any discerning lunatic's collection. So, will it ever get an official DVD release? Who knows, but don't hold your breath - Carrie might get the wrong idea...
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