Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street (2008)

Let the slaughter begin.
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Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street

Hallows Eve: Slaughter on Second Street is an independent slasher movie written, directed and produced by PJ Starks and Rodney Newton utilizing only resources local to them, shooting the movie in their local community of Owensboro, Kentucky and making use of the local talent to be the victims of their evil protagonistic creation. From the opening scene the viewer knows that they are in for a gorefest treat as numerous innocents become the brutally and gorily murdered victims of a bloodthirstily staged accident and the sole survivor of the mishap definitely won’t be watching the rest of the movie! Although on the surface the movie seems to be a serious slasher there is a definite yet subtle tongue-in-cheekiness with the paranormal investigators at the heart of the story bearing an undeniable resemblance to another legendary group of meddling kids with a penchant for mysteries and unmasking the bad guy.

The neighbourhood horror attraction, Slaughter on Second Street, is undergoing a bit of renovation work (a task which obviously requires many sharp implements and potential death traps) in preparation for it's annual Halloween opening, but someone or something obviously doesn't want this to happen as the hapless workers soon become victims of a series of bizarre accidents instigated by a tenebrous and seldom seen sinister figure. The attractions reputation for accident prone visitors and mysterious deaths, usually around Halloween, is evidently harming the business. With the closure of the establishment imminent the owner, Buck Masters, leaps at the chance of some free publicity and a cash injection when a group of paranormal investigators start showing an interest in the happenings. The sceptical Buck invites the group for an overnight lock-in to investigate the cursed building, not expecting much to happen but hoping that the overactive imaginations of the enthused investigators may stir up some urban legends to expose the failing business to a wider audience and prevent the impending closure.

Enter the mystery machine and its quirky crew of supernatural detectives consisting of a familiar setup including the two potheads with an insatiable craving for snacks. The ghost hunters are also hoping for their big break here as their usual lack of success for finding evidence of the paranormal is threatening to get their research budget stopped.

After a brief meeting and some warnings of evil from the crackpot maintenance man the doors are locked but the team and Mr. Masters soon discover that they are not alone. A group of local volunteers have also decided to stay for one last night of intemperance before the venue is opened to the public. But these are not the only ones planning on partying tonight as soon becomes apparent when the bloody eviscerations start to befall the unfortunate guests.

As the bodies begin to pile up the investigators begin to suspect foul play behind the mysterious shadowy character that makes a fleeting appearance at the execution scenes. Is the business haunted by a malevolent, murderous ghost or will the unmasking of the villain reveal a mere mortal from earlier on in the story?

Hallows Eve is an exceedingly well fashioned horror movie with an attention to creative camera work, an effective soundtrack and convincing gore taken to gore-for-gore's sake extremes on a number of occasions (which is a particular plus point for fans of the genre). There is an attention to detail that is often neglected in independent productions with the subtleties making all the difference to the overall experience coupled with a virtuous performance from the cast making the horror more compelling. The abundance of gore makes it obvious that this movie is first and foremost a horror flick with the threat of creative and violent deaths around every corner leaving no dull moments. A sterling addition to the slasher genre of a quality that exceeds many independent ventures.
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