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Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai) (2007)

Beauty cannot last but death is forever.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Sick Nurses - Beauty cannot last but death is forever

If you were ever intrigued to witness what it would look like to see a sexy nurse who has had the bottom of her face fall off due to forceful feeding of scalpel blades finally being finished off by choking on a dead baby, then you need to see Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai). Directors Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat deliver an original chunket... Click to read more "Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai)"

X-Cross (Ekusu kurosu: makyô densetsu) (2007)

Prepare for the scissoring of a lifetime.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

X-Cross - Scissor me Timbers

Kenta Fukasaku's X-Cross, also known as XX (ekusu kurosu): makyô densetsu, has real difficulty deciding whether it is a traditional Japanese folklore based horror or a crazy tongue-in-cheek Japanese gore flick... and manages to combine the two genres superbly with a compelling story expertly implemented to boot. The movie is split into four chapter... Click to read more "X-Cross (Ekusu kurosu: makyô densetsu)"