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Troma Horror Movies

We thought it would be rude to not make our first independent horror feature about Troma Entertainment, the greatest independent production company on the planet and the reason that we have witnessed some of the most outrageous horror movies ever to be conceived. Troma is the lovechild of Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz and the company prides itself on its independent status and its willingness to expose low-budget horror director's art to the world. Troma movies are renowned for being massively over the top in terms of guts and gore with a very tongue-in-cheek approach to all aspects of movie making resulting in "Troma Film" being a term synonymous with the style of movie they distribute. Troma are responsible for a vast amount of cult classics including the following...

Class of Nuke 'Em High

Class of Nuke 'Em High - It rotted their bodies. It corrupted their minds. And thats's the good news.

As the first instalment of the Nuke 'Em High franchise this movie introduces us to Tromaville High, the Tromaville High school located far too near the Tromaville nuclear power plant. The school honor society discovers a crop of radioactive weed growing near the plant and sells it to the other students (but not without sampling a bit themselves). The honor society soon become mutated punks as does anyone else that comes into contact with the nuclear ganja. Typical Troma style this movie does not rely on a coherent storyline but exaggerated characters, farcical situations, boobs and bad taste.

The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger - Melvin was a 90lb. weakling until nuclear waste transformed him into...The Toxic Avenger

Possibly the most famous of the Troma movies, The Toxic Avenger follows the transformation of nerdy Melvin Ferd, the Tromaville Health Club mop boy, into the toxic avenger, defender of the geeks, after a close encounter with some toxic waste. Tromavilles new superhero, The Toxic Avenger, soon becomes the sacrosanct champion of the people and goes on to appear in numerous sequels. Once again this movie is typical of the Troma movies that fans have come to expect from Lloyd Kaufman, completely over the top, excessively gory, distasteful comedy featuring the most unexpected hero.

Bloodsucking Freaks

Bloodsucking Freaks - Join The Fun!... Human Dart Boards...

Also known as The Incredible Torture Show, Bloodsucking Freaks is a disturbing movie from the twisted mind of Joel M. Reed that has caused a fair amount of controversy from Troma (which is just the kind of publicity they relish). Sardu is the master of the macabre and operates a grotesque "magic" show about torture and murder. Little does the audience know that there is no magic involved and the stars of the show are actually kidnap victims sold into slavery. Sardu and his faithful sidekick-midget, Ralphus, love their work and carry on the violence and torture even when the show is over using the brainwashed slaves for sadistic entertainment. This movie was effectively banned in the US and after cuts the movie was given an R rating, but Troma then shipped the uncut version... more controversy.

Terror Firmer

Terror Firmer - Let's Make Some Art!

Terror Firmer is another Lloyd Kaufman charade not only directed by but also starring the man himself. The storyline can seem quite confusing as the movie is about fictional events on the set of the latest Toxic Avenger movie, but as we have come to expect with Lloyd Kaufman productions, the storyline is not a very important part of the movie. With the cast and crew of Toxic Avenger being terrorized by a homicidal maniac, Terror Firmer manages to be one of the most depraved movies on this list as well as one of the most slapstick. Very gory, very offensive and very silly... and very marvelous.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day - If you go down to the woods today.

Although starting off as if it is going to be another slapstick gorefest, Mother's Day soon turns into a darkly satirical, nasty and disturbing exploitation movie but with the trademark Troma kooky characters. The female friends venture out on their annual holiday and decide to go camping in the woods, unfortunately for the friends they set up camp near the hovel of Ike and Addley, the backward sons of an equally mentally disturbed Mother. Captured by the freaks the girls are tortured and sexually abused by the oddball brothers as their mother watches and enjoys every minute. With the death of one of the friends the other two manage to escape and plot their revenge on the misfit family. Mother's Day is a brutal and darkly comical production that has been banned a number of times in a number of countries due to the lackadaisical attitude towards rape and torture depicted within.

Tromeo and Juliet

Tromeo and Juliet - Body Piercing, Kinky Sex, Dismemberment. The Things That Made Shakespeare Great.

A bizarre interpretation of the Bard's most famous work, Tromeo & Juliet is a twisted love story in true Troma style. This movie follows the storyline of the play quite closely but is updated to take place in modern day Manhattan interspersed with Troma style extremities and featuring typical Troma-esque extreme characters from the mind of Lloyd Kaufman. The disadvantaged Tromeo Que and the privileged Juliet Capulet fall in love and must overcome the resistance of their two very different families to allow their love to blossom. Tromeo and Juliet is a violent, sexual and, as expected, objectionable extravaganza set in a bizarre world with a dreamlike quality which descends into the ultimate surreal experience.

Rabid Grannies

Rabid Grannies - Grandma, What a Big Mouth You Have!

One of Troma's most infamous titles is the Belgian horror movie Rabid Grannies. As the title suggests this is not a movie to be taken seriously and revolves around a couple of Grandmothers turned into deranged, flesh hungry monsters upon opening a birthday present from their devil-worshipping nephew. Determined to love their family to death the grannies unleash their demonic dentures and eat their way through their party guests. You have to admire Troma for exposing these kinds of movies to the general public because without them the contained level of senior gore would never be seen outside of independent film festivals.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies - Meet the beautiful people who live... and die in a freaky, try anything world.

Sugar Cookies is an early Troma release which tells the tale of a girl tricked into committing suicide on camera for her pornographer boyfriend. The dead girls lesbian lover hatches a cunning plan to get revenge on the murderous boyfriend and with the help of an exact lookalike of the deceased lover she exacts her vengeance. Although categorized as a horror, Sugar Cookies does not go to the usual Troma extremes and for a low-budget production takes itself quite seriously, well, more seriously than we have come to expect from Troma.

Zombie Island Massacre

Zombie Island Massacre - Toe-Tapping Machete Head Dances! Glamourous Zombie-Style Cosmetic Surgery! Fabulous Air-Conditioned Tiger Pits!

Containing no zombies, the oddly entitled Zombie Island Massacre is basically a slasher movie set on an island in the Caribbean. Stranded during a night-time tour of the island due to the mysterious disappearance of the tour bus driver a group of tourists take refuge in an old mansion where they must survive the night whilst being stalked by an unknown menace. One by one the holiday-makers fall victim to the non-zombie, non-cannibal threat in a number of interesting ways.

Dumpster Baby

Dumpster Baby - Another Troma Experience

Dumpster Baby is a depressing, dark and ugly movie following the offspring of a junkie left in a dumpster to die. The baby is found and the viewer follows its travels as it is passed from misfit to misfit in this oh-so-evil world in which we live. The movie is a metaphor for the world being a dumpster and depicts a bleak world full of pimps, lawbreakers and junkies all of which come into contact with the little bundle of joy and help it on its journey.
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