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Our Favorite Slasher Bad Guys.
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Horror Extreme - Slasher Anti Heroes

Every seasoned horror movie fan knows that the real hero in slasher movies is the bad guy. The terrified teens are disposable but the baddie survives until the final scene, usually leaving the hint that he might not really be as dead as the sole survivor believes. This formula leaves the anti-hero available for numerous sequels to continue to execute the innocent, until somebody realises the franchise is becoming ridiculous and finally destroys our infamous killer. This is often the end until some up and coming director decides to remake a slasher classic and breathes life into our memorable and much loved murderers!

Unbelievable and predictable storylines, wooden acting and crappy one-liner humor, blood, guts, gore and pretty girls disposed of in the most gruesome way... We love our slasher baddies at Horror Extreme and here are some of our favorites.

Michael Myers

Michael Myers from Halloween

Michael Myers first appeared in 1978's Halloween and features as the primary source of fear in eight of the nine sequels (he was unavailable for Halloween III: Season of the Witch due to family matters). Michael (or Mike as we now know him) is notorious for his painted William Shatner mask and kitchen knife, although he has been known to kill with other weapons as the need arises. In his early career he was also know as "The Shape" but as his infamy spread the name Michael Myers became familiar throughout the world. Michael boasts an impressive filmography between 1978 and 2002, terrorising America in Halloween, Halloween 2, The Return of Michael Myers, The Revenge of Michael Myers, The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20 and Halloween: Resurrection. At this point he went into retirement until 2006 when Rob Zombie remade Halloween and convinced Michael to appear in a movie one more time.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Frederick Charles Krueger, or Freddy to his friends, is infamous for killing people in their dreams in the A Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise. He is known for his green and red striped jumper, his scarred and burnt face and, of course, his clawed glove. Freddy was adopted at birth and never got to know his mother, Sister Mary Helena, or his father, 100 criminally insane rapists. His childhood was quite traumatic but he passed the time by torturing small animals and self mutilation. As he grew older, Freddy became a family man, with his wife and daughter, on Elm Street where he kidnapped local children and killed them in his basement. When the local parents realised he was the killer they torched him hence his trademark look. Luckily for Freddy he discovered he could still murder children via their dreams and realised this was the way he could exact revenge on all of the families on Elm Street. Freddy's career has spanned eight movies, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Freddy's Revenge, Dream Warriors, The Dream Master, The Dream Child, Freddy's Dead, New Nightmare and an unfortunate run in with Jason Voorhees in Freddy Vs Jason. Freddy is still actively working on a number of projects and various TV spots and still kills teens in their sleep.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

After a very small part in Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees went on to star as the main antagonist in ten sequels. In the first movie his mother is killed so Jason decided to spend the rest of his career slaughtering anyone remotely connected, usually using his trademark machete and wearing his infamous hockey mask. Jason is the epitome of the slasher anti-hero who never quite dies, as his career progressed he became almost invulnerable and he has performed his brand of vicious slaying in numerous locations from Camp Crystal Lake to Hell and outer space. Jason has appeared in all Friday the 13th movies, Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th Part 2, Friday the 13th Part 3, The Final Chapter, A New Beginning, Jason Lives, The New Blood, Jason takes Manhattan, Jason goes to Hell, Jason X plus the aforementioned run in with Freddy Krueger in Freddy Vs Jason. Our sources tell us that Freddy and Jason are now best of friends and can often be seen on the golf course reminiscing about the murder days.


Pinhead from Hellraiser

Pinhead aka "The Angel of Suffering" aka "The Dark Prince of Pain" was once just plain old Captain Spencer Elliott. The trauma of war made him re-evaluate his life and he began to embrace his hedonistic ways striving for new, more extreme ways to satisfy his sadomasochistic urges. In India in 1921, Elliott stumbles upon the demonic Lament Configuration; a puzzle box promising the ultimate pleasure/pain experience to its solver. Upon solving the puzzle Elliott becomes Pinhead and leads the Cenobites on their mission to fulfil the urges of others who solve the box in the Hellraiser series of movies; Hellraiser, Hellbound, Hell on Earth, Bloodline, Inferno, Hellseeker, Deader, Hellworld and soon to be starring in Clive Barker Presents: Hellraiser in early 2009.


Chucky from Childs Play

In November 1988 Charles Lee Ray aka The Lakeshore Strangler is fatally wounded by police gunfire, he managed to take refuge in a toy store and transfer his murderous soul into a "good guy doll" using his knowledge of Voodoo. The doll, Chucky, is bought for Andy Barclay who soon discovers that his new toy wants to possess him and return to his slaughterous ways as a human rather than a piece of plastic. Chucky's soul remains in the doll for five Childs Play movies and even though Chucky's career has seen him married and a father he has never managed to give up the human slaying. After playing the leading role in Childs Play, Childs Play 2, Childs Play 3, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, The Lakeshore Strangler is due to make another appearance in a remake of the original movie.


Jigsaw from SAW

Jigsaw, known to his family as the terminally ill Jonathan Kramer is infamous for his brutal method of preaching practised in the Saw movies, imaginatively titled Saw, >Saw 2, Saw 3, etc. Jigsaw is a vigilante dedicated to teaching others to appreciate the life they have by way of complicated and ironic traps usually requiring the victim to mutilate themselves in order to escape (and to learn an enlightening lesson in the process). Jigsaw's motivation comes from him being diagnosed with cancer, after a failed suicide attempt he learnt to appreciate his life for what it was and made it his mission in life to give others this realisation. Even on his death bed, Jigsaw continues to preach his sadistic message soon to be appearing in Saw 5 with plans for Saw 6 already in the pipeline.

The Tall Man

The Tall Man from Phantasm

The Tall Man gained his notoriety as the main villain in the Phantasm franchise. He began his career running a successful undertaking business specializing in the reanimation of the dead and making dwarf zombies from any spare human parts. His main tools of the trade were metallic flying spheres with spike and drill attachments for efficient brain removal. The Tall Man hit the big screen in 1979 when he starred as the demonic aspect of Phantasm and he soon went on to star in three sequels, Phantasm 2, Lord of the Dead and Oblivion, with Phantasm 5 currently in pre-production. His home is in another dimension but he can often be found in the human realm recruiting the dead for his flourishing business, The Tall Man is renowned for his supernatural abilities, which seem to be triggered by his eyebrow, and his use of the word "Boooooy!"
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