Bloody Moon (1981)

Don't Panic... It only happens once in a... Bloody Moon.
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Bloody Moon - So Sleazy it Needs No Tagline

If you are a fan of unstylish German early-eighties retro slashers (and surely this is a dominant genetic trait nowadays) then you cannot possibly die until you have seen Jesus Franco's "almost" infamous video nasty Bloody Moon (Die Säge des Todes - "The Saw of Death") AKA Profonde Tenebre and The Bloody Moon Murders. For lovers of tasteless disco music, badly dressed beauties being hacked to bits and overcomplicated nonsensical slasher storylines then Bloody Moon is an orgasm on optical disc storage media format. The lack of anything good in this movie is what makes it so good and the old adage "So bad it's good" definitely applies to this bloodied stalk and slash flick. Poor acting, low rate gore effects, shallow underdeveloped characters possessing the attention span of a goldfish at a subtropical strip club, and an abundance of sharp-implement gore makes for the archetypal disco fuelled slasher flick. Bloody Moon is one of the first template slashers to fully embrace the "creative kill" formula but does not try and inject the lame humour element as the slash-fodder meet their expected demise. The highlight kill has to be the circular saw scene but there is also some quite brutal violence involving youngsters, titty-stabbing and a pitiable snake that probably didn't realize what he was getting into when he auditioned the role. These elements are probably the reason that Bloody Moon was condemned to the DPP Video nasty list and why Bloody Moon never got the exposure it deserved (or possibly it was underexposed due to its lack of being any good)

Miguel, a man who once failed an audition to play the part of Quasimodo due to his unsightliness and institutionalized for five years due to the kind of trouble a man can get in when his hormones are raging near beautiful ladies and scissors, is returning home under the supervision of his overly loving (incestuously overly loving) sister Manuela. When Manuela is not surfing for nude pictures of Joseph Merrick, she and her wheelchair-bound mother run a boarding school for young stereotypically party loving sex-obsessed women in a Spanish holiday resort.

With the perfect scenario set up for a bit of fresh flesh cutting we meet Angela, the sensible and education-dedicated female amongst the other stereotypes. After Manuela irresponsibly suggests to her defect yet lust inspiring bro that "Only if we could get rid of everyone, then things could go back to the way they were", Angela's friends start to get murdered in her premises but the evidence soon disappears after she is easily distracted back into relaxed-land whenever someone knocks on her door. Fearing for her sanity, Angela decides to seek assistance from the people who run the school which is probably a mistake but it would be quite a boring movie if she just went back home without learning to speak Spanish.

Soon Angela is feeling quite lonely on campus, the kind of loneliness that even roller disco cannot banish, as the people in her vicinity succumb to increasingly aggressive examples of the frailty of life at the hands of common execution devices such as a Mercedes, fireplace tongs and of course lumber mill power saws. But who is behind these devious annihilations?

Jesus Franco has gone all out with Bloody Moon and although the movie is far from an award winning slasher it is definitely a prime example of the enthusiasm and pleasure that a director can pump into a creative work and this gusto shines from the screen, making for an enjoyable waste of 85 minutes of life sacrificed to bubblegum horror. The influence that Bloody Moon has had on the genre is present in numerous straight-to-DVD movies where the brutality is offset by the entertainment value. Bloody Moon is far from the most disturbing European horror movie on the video nasty list but there is the ever present blatant disregard for things that you should and shouldn't do in mainstream horror with a number of scenes executed in a way that would still be unacceptable even now in a desensitized society subjected to a plethora of blood and murder in early evening soap operas. Bloody Moon will probably go unappreciated by the majority but for those carrying retro-slasher DNA this movie needs to be viewed once to preserve the illusion of a fulfilled existence.
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