Boogeyman 2 (2007)

Fear. In the flesh.
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Boogeyman 2 - Fear. In The Flesh.

Following 2005's heavily criticized Boogeyman (not to be confused with the 1980's Video Nasty The Boogeyman) comes 2008's aptly titled Boogeyman 2 to once again take a slashers eye view of terrified teen's greatest fears. As would be expected of a straight-to-DVD slasher movie, Boogeyman 2 fits into the slasher template quite nicely, a bit of legend, the legend coming to life, creative disposal of a group of people, a final girl and a twist. Boogeyman 2 makes good use of this tried and tested formula and provides an entertaining slashfest with plenty of gore.

The movie begins with a flashback of a couple of young children witnessing the murder of their parents by an unidentified masked killer. Eight years later Laura Porter (Danielle Savre) still has an obsessive fear of the killer who has assumed the identity of every child's worst nightmare... The Boogeyman. Deciding it's time to conquer her irrational phobia, Laura checks herself into a care facility that specialises in treating phobias. She kisses her brother goodbye and settles in with the rest of the loonies.

It is necessary in a slasher to have a set of characters with well defined social traits in order for the killer to give them an ironic death and what better place could there be for well defined social traits than in a mental hospital. Laura's social circle consists of a scotophobic (fear of the dark), a germophobic (that ones obvious), an agoraphobic (scared of the outside world), a self harmer, a bulimic and we later find out that the doctor in charge took the job because she has an irrational fear of becoming mentally unstable (that must be a bit of a tough paradoxical situation to deal with... it could drive you mad).

It soon becomes evident that Laura facing her fears was probably not the best idea as it appears that her fear has become a reality after the scotophobic has a nasty accident in a lift in the dark. One by one the other hospital residents meet their sardonic demises as the self-righteous bogeyman makes them face their fears. The germophobic drinks powerful cleaning fluid after his room is infested with cockroaches, the self harmer is given something sharp whilst maggots crawl under her skin and the bulimic is tube fed until she bursts. Dr. Mitchell Allen (Tobin Bell), the head honcho of the establishment, comes to the rescue and together he and Laura must face the man of boogeys. After the flashbacks fill in the gaps and reveal the real identity of the killer and his motives the bogeyman escapes to make a sequel, no one believes Laura's story and stability is restored to the slasher plot.

Boogeyman 2 is a solid addition to the slasher movie genre and although it provides no major innovations it does provide all the aspects expected of a slasher movie and provides them well. If you enjoyed the first Boogeyman then don't expect a sequel that follows on, if you enjoy Boogeyman 2 then lucky you as we're expecting a Boogeyman 3 in 2009!
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