Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back (1990)

Look out Jack! Chucky's back!
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Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back - Look out Jack! Chucky's Back!

With the popularity and controversy surrounding the first Child's Play movie it was inevitable that we would be bombarded with numerous sequels as seems to be the trend with slasher movies. Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back is the aptly titled second part of the Child's Play franchise and introduces us to the more humorous yet still just as sadistic Chucky doll.

The movie begins with the heads of the "Good Guy" factory rebuilding the doll rescued from the end of the last movie. Why they chose to rebuild this one when the factory obviously builds thousands a day I'm not sure... but they do and once again Charles Lee Ray is mobile in the form of Chucky. Not content with being in a Good Guy doll for the rest of his days Charles must track down Andy Barclay who is the only person that he can possess as Andy was the first to find out his secret.

Andy is now in a foster home after the traumas he witnessed with his first doll. He is happy with his new family and their other fostered child Kyle (played by Christine Elise), a teenage rebel with a heart of gold. Whilst reaching for a skateboard in the toy cupboard Andy is disturbed to find a Good Guy doll (named Tommy) who, although not possessed, brings back a lot of bad memories. This is the ideal opportunity for Chucky to infiltrate the family home unnoticed and after kidnapping (and killing) an employee of the Good Guy factory, sneaks into Andy's new home, buries Tommy and puts himself in its place.

Typical slasher movie style the rest of the movie is Chucky trying to possess Andy and creatively killing anyone that get's in his way. Kyle is the only one that believes Andy's story after she finds the buried Tommy in the yard but her realisation is almost too late as Andy has been returned to his orphanage and Chucky is hot on his heels.

Kyle jumps in the car and rushes to Andy's rescue for the big finale in the Good Guy factory. Chucky captures Andy but discovers he has been in doll form for too long and his voodoo possession fails, he is doomed to stay as a doll for the rest of his life and this obviously pisses him off. Now all he wants is blood. After numerous "Chucky's dead... Oh no he's not" situations Kyle and Andy finally escape and live to make another sequel.

I must admit I was expecting something terrible from this movie but overall it was very entertaining. It was a lot more light hearted than its predecessor and the story was weak in comparison, but Chucky has become the satanic voodoo killer doll that everyone loves and just the character makes for an entertaining time. There was some nice gore as Chucky's victims met their end, loads of one-liners and foul language and a sense of justice as the nasty characters got what they deserved.

Not bad for a slasher sequel... I wonder if they go downhill from here?
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