Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Fear takes a road trip.
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Jeepers Creepers - Fear takes a road trip.

For me personally, Jeepers Creepers was the start of the third new age of slasher flicks (or maybe I was so fed up of ridiculous sequels to existing slashers that I'd given up on the genre until I saw this). This is not a fantastic horror movie but I did enjoy it as it really went back to the traditional teen terror horror movie roots of the late seventies and early eighties. Movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween and Friday the 13th where some young adults get caught up in some kind of trouble with a supernatural entity.

Derry (played by Justin Long) and his sister, Trish (played by the delectable Gina Phillips) are travelling home for spring break when they are nearly ran off the road by a maniac in a supercharged old van. Later in their journey they see the same van outside a church and its owner is dropping what looks like a body down a pipe. They decide to get the hell out of there before the van owner gives chase but he spots them and soon catches them up. This time he does run them off the road and speeds of into the distance.

Derry convinces Trish that they should return to the church in case somebody is hurt. Reluctantly she agrees and the two of them go and investigate the pipe (this is so typical of slasher horror movies, I'd be more inclined to get the fuck out of there and return with plenty of backup!). They hear a voice from the bottom of the pipe and Derry unwisely tries to climb down, he falls and finds himself in a mass grave of preserved corpses adorning the walls and ceiling.

The two finally escape the slaughter house and stop off to report the mass murder at the nearest town, whilst there Derry receives a phone call from a crazy woman claiming to have dreamt his death and warns him that "The Creeper" is after him. After a couple of close encounters they reach the next town where they find out from the crazy woman (or is she psychic?) that every 23rd spring "The Creeper" feeds on the body parts of the innocent to replenish it's self and once it catches a scent of someone it wants to harvest nothing can stop it... and it wants either Derry or Trish and will kill anyone that gets in it's way.

I really enjoyed this movie, the budget was obviously low and the gory effects were not great but this movie had all of the elements of a supernatural slasher, the teens making bad but honourable decisions, the crazy psychic, the haunting "Jeepers Creepers" tune from the psychic's dream and, of course, the body part eating acrobatic demon. This movie will not gross you out but it will provide a few jumps and plenty of entertainment.
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