Reeker (2005)

Evil is in the air.
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Reeker - Evil Is In The Air

Reeker is a typical slasher movie with a not so typical twist at the end. Written and directed by Dave Payne the movie follows a bunch of teenagers, Gretchen (Tina Illman), Jack (Devon Gummersall), Nelson (Derek Richardson), Cookie (Arielle Kebbel) and Trip (Scott Whyte), going to a rave.

The movie begins with a family pulled over to the side of a deserted road, soon a disgusting smell of death pollutes the air and an unseen force mutilates the dog and splits Dad's head in two!

The story then jumps to the partying teenagers on their road trip to "Area 52" the rave event of the year. When Gretchen discovers that Trip has stolen hundreds of Ecstasy tablets from a psychopathic drug dealer she wants the drugs out of the car. They pull over on the side of the desert road to argue what to do; Trip refuses to be parted from the pills so Gretchen agrees to take him back to the motel where they stopped earlier.

On arriving at the motel, it is ominously empty as if everyone just got up and left, they can get no radio, TV or phone signals and the road is completely empty. After a small investigation they return to their vehicle to find the fuel line has been cut and they have no fuel. After building a makeshift aerial they discover that the road has been closed so they decide to stay at the motel until morning and hope that someone will be along to help.

Unfortunately for the teens there is a foul-smelling, seemingly motiveless demon out to murder them all and their evening is frequently disturbed by mutilated corpses, a peculiar guy looking for his wife and the almost supernatural appearances of the crazed drug dealer wanting his E back.

This movie tries to escape from the usual stereotype of a typical slasher. The characters are not your typical airhead bimbos and sport addicted jerks, Gretchen is a strong female leader, Jack is blind, although, the others are more typical of your modern day slasher. There are some quite gory scenes but the impact is minimal as they seem to be just thrown in at random without any proper build up. The ending is quite a surprise as the story tries to put a rational explanation behind everything that's happened but overall it is still quite weak.

Worth a watch but nothing new!
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