Scarecrow Gone Wild (2004)

He's the death of the party!
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Scarecrow Gone Wild - He's the Death of the Party!

I try to see the good aspects of every horror movie I review as usually I see an element of quality in most horror productions. With that philosophy in mind Scarecrow Gone Wild is going to be an exceptionally challenging review! This movie follows all of the rules of a typical slasher and, although a lot of slasher movies follow the basic rules there is usually some creativeness that allows the movie to shine in its own special way. Usually the inventive death scenes are the saving grace of most slashers. Scarecrow Gone Wild lacks even these. The gore effects are poor, the acting is poor and the characters are shallower than Hugo's grave, these factors are not necessarily enough to ruin a slasher but I struggle to find any redeeming factors in this movie.

The plot involves some high school baseball jocks hazing the new team members, they tell them a scary story about a murderous scarecrow then abandon them in a corn field in the middle of the night before heading off to the beach for a party where they meet their dumb girlfriends for a bit of a lame party involving one, maybe two beers, a bit of swearing and some acoustic guitar. One of the hazed is a diabetic and unable to escape as he is tied to a scarecrow pole. He slips into a coma but is rescued in time by the jock that's looking out for him and is rushed to hospital. Full of diabetic rage his consciousness is transferred to a scarecrow who plans to crash the party and get revenge on the lame-brained sporty types enjoying their mediocre party.

What follows is a typical slash up of teenagers who all deserve to die. Each death is preceded by a strange whistled tune which I can only assume is the Scarecrow whistling his own theme (although I'm not convinced that a scarecrow has the necessary internal organs to whistle) and what follows is the death of a partygoer. Coach (played by former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ken Shamrock) comes to save the day as he's been through the scarecrow thing before (apparently it happens quite often).

In the interest of writing a review I persevered to the end of the movie. It didn't get much better. There was a three weeks later bit to allow the protagonist scarecrow to get his second chance at slashing before he died again, there was magical flashing electricity stuff and there was the heroic death of the hero.

The original Scarecrow movie was so much better than this even though it wasn't that good. Not one that I'd recommend but if you are a die hard slasher fan maybe this will appeal to you... there are boobs so maybe worth a look.
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