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Bloody Moon (1981)

Don't Panic... It only happens once in a... Bloody Moon.
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Bloody Moon - So Sleazy it Needs No Tagline

If you are a fan of unstylish German early-eighties retro slashers (and surely this is a dominant genetic trait nowadays) then you cannot possibly die until you have seen Jesus Franco's "almost" infamous video nasty Bloody Moon (Die Säge des Todes - "The Saw of Death") AKA Profonde Tenebre and The Bloody Moon Murders. For lovers of tasteless disco ... Click to read more "Bloody Moon"

Devil Hunter (El caníball) (1980)

Hunted, raped, and tormented out of her mind...
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Devil Hunter - Hunted, raped, and tormented out of her mind...

If you like "sleaze for the sake of sleaze" exploitation flicks then Jess Franco is a director delivered by angels. Another of Uncle Franco's entries in the DPP Video Nasty list is Devil Hunter (along with Bloody Moon and Women Behind Bars). Devil Hunter (also known as Sexo Canibal) is simply an excuse to display boobies, lady builder cleavage, the... Click to read more "Devil Hunter (El caníball)"

Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche) (1982)

Pieces... It's exactly what you think it is!
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Pazuzu Iscariot

Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche) - You Don't Have To Go To Texas For A Chainsaw Massacre!

With a copious amount of blood-painted axe murderousness at the hands of a young boy defending his naked lady jigsaw before the opening credits you almost guarantee Juan Piquer Simón's Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche) will get a positive review here. Throw in an abundance of bra-challenged eighties university student ladies sporting big hair, big... Click to read more "Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la noche)"

Satanico Pandemonium (1975)

From bride of Christ to slave of Satan.
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Hellbound Heart

Satanico Pandemonium: From Bride of Christ to Slave of Satan

Distribution company Mondo Macabro are eminently reliable purveyors of lurid, rare world cinema and - praise the Lord - Mexican flick Satanico Pandemonium (AKA La Sexorcista) is no exception. All the ingredients for a one-off viewing experience are there: nuns both clothed and unclothed, blood, lesbianism, oh, and a guest appearance by Old Scratch ... Click to read more "Satanico Pandemonium"